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Thread: Han Hoth

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    Exclamation Han Hoth

    I think of any figure from the POTF2 line, Han Hoth needs a resculpt most. The new Han Death Star Escape is really cool, as is the cold-weather Obi-Wan, but both left me wondering why Han Hoth was not done instead. I'd even put him above Jedi Luke on my list of needed resculpts. I mean, the Jedi Luke we have is a decent figure, but Han Hoth is laughable, and the "hood-up" version with the Taun Taun was impossible to find. I think the coolest character in all of Star Wars deserves a new figure in his cold-weather gear. Make the jacket blue or brown or whatever color Lucasfilm says it is, just make it really detailed with the hood up and a holster. With the fantastic figures that have been coming out lately, I know it can be done.

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    Unhappy I have to disagree

    If any figure needs to be redone, it is the Emperor's Royal Guard. This is a figure that in is need of the POTJ treatment.
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    the master jedi
    Yeah, I would like to see a resculpt of the royal guards. But I would most like to see a resculpt of the gamorrean guards.

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    I would like to see General Veers and this time, with removable helmet and accessories such as Officer's Cap and blaster pistol. Oh yes, a removable chest armour too so that he can be battle clad or attending meetings mode. That'll be ultimate cool Veers!!

    Is that too much to ask for Hasbro?

    And of course, a re-sculpt for Han Hoth is absolutely necessary.

    ESB rocks!!

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    A new Hoth Han and Royal Guard would be awesome!!

    But what we need most is a new GENERAL LANDO!!!

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    I totally agree.

    Funny thing is I think both of these figures are better in their vintage incarnations!

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    I must admit I have been remiss in suggesting a resculpt of Han from Hoth. I have long hated the POTF2 version with the hood down. To this day I cannot imagine what possessed Hasbro to go that route, nor LucasFilm to pass it on into production. But then it is a child of the "buff" Luke and Han early days of the line. We can now look at Hasbro's new commitment to detail and fan desires like proud and doting parents at High School graduation. Wiping a tear from our eye we whisper, "Hasbro, we've watched you grow up."
    Han Solo in Hoth gear needs to be moved to the "A" list if he is not there already. And yes, the Emperor's Royal Guard is in desperate need of a remake as well. The mumu version simply stinks. I suppose Hasbro could not bring themselves to make a two armed figure with only one arm accessable. A rather gutsy move on the part of Kenner over a decade ago.
    Certainly there are others in need of a resculpt, such as R5-D4 (long overdue), but I believe that will come in time. The subject of this thread, however, is the Hoth version of Han Solo, so I don't really want to get too far away from addressing the subject.

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    I think I finally know why the Han with Taun Taun was so hard to find for everybody, because they all ended up at Army Post Exchanges. I remember seeing like twenty of them just sitting on the shelves for months!! I bought one and didn't think anything of it, until I hear on forums like this how nobody was able to find one. Of course, they're all gone now.

    Anyways the Han Hoth that came with the Taun Taun was a big improvement but as usual with most beast pack-in figures looked pretty dumb just standing there.

    So, we need a new one with the detail level of the new POTJ figures. I remember hearing how since the POTF2 Han Hoth wasn't a big seller then chances are slim Hasbro will make a new one. Well the only reason nobody bought it is because it looked like crap not because we don't want that specific figure! Hasbro needs to learn the difference.
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    I concur with JEDIpartnr. These figures were both better in their 80's incarnations. A new, cloth caped ERG given the POTJ makeover would rule. Especially if the arms were articulated such that he could stand at attention and also actually wield that force pike like in the cut scene from ROTJ. But Han Hoth should be a top priority. The three most recent Hans have been fantastic, so lets keep the ball rolling with another one.


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