I actually bought the Shuttle when it came out in the 80s, had it for a couple of years and it wound up being the only part of my original, vintage collection that was lost in a fire. Ironically it was destroyed by firemen entering the apartment I was moving out of to fight the blaze, it was on the floor in the doorway between rooms, I was moving after all. About a year later I bought one at a garage sale for $20.00 and it remains to this day in my collection. I recently helped someone in Scotland complete his vintage Shuttle by selling him the guns I salvaged from my trashed one years ago.
So, due to high prices on the original (and the difficulty in finding a complete one in this day and age), I think that Hasbro should re-release this ship. Unlike the Queen's Royal Starship, the pricepoint would be outweighed by demand. I don't want one (apart from any exclusive figures included) but there is no doubt that it would sell very well.
Hopefully a Sail Barge is in the works, especially since I predict that due to size constraints it will not be too much longer than the Skiff, prompting ample threads of complaint on SSG!