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    my enthusiasm for the product has never waned, i still love the entire line today, as much (if not more so), than when i 1st started collecting and playing with these things back in '95. (last century!)

    as a testimony to the enthusiasm still felt for micro machines, one need only take a look at the post count for for mm's compared with other collectable star wars toys. over 3000 posts since last august (that's when the counter got reset, and we had to start all over again.......again......again.......) legos only has over 800 posts. think about it, 800 posts for a toy line that seems to be growing leaps and bounds in the toy aisle, swallowing up all available shelf space, and yet, thers's over three times the posting here in the mm section........for a toy that hasn't been made in nearly three years.

    if we've found so much to say without any product, just think how buzzing (a nod to the buzz), theis joint would be with something new and real in front of us to chat about!
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    Taking a look at the other series of collection is exactly the point, the individuals that love and collect these series have dedicated websites and collector fan clubs, promoting there customization, expansions, and new ideas. In relation to the few dedicated MM & Action Fleet Forums, it really doesn't compare. I've been a collector of action fleet also since 95' and only found out about this site 3 months ago. It seems to me we need to promote our collection, drafts of ideas and customs inorder to build a following Hasbro can not ignore. As for the few dedicated forums to MM & Action Fleet, I'm afraid until we adopt the practices by these other collectors and clubs, who by the way have Hasbro's ear and have there collection growing weekly with new and improved items, we may find ourselves in retread hell. "Are we there yet?"
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    O ;p[br... I love the home keys.

    Now that my hands are on the right keys, I love Action Fleet, Die Cast, and Micro Machines so much. I think they're possibly the best toys in the world. What I don't like is how heinously we fans have been jerked around by the corporate entity that ate the company that made them great. I'll continue to love what I have, but I also want more of what I love. That isn't to say my collection is complete, I still need to replace that stupid Rebel Transport playset I lost when I can next afford it, but I really do feel under the boot of Hasbro on Star Wars and it squeezes some of the fun out for me. I remain enthusaistic about the line, but not about the company.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    I've never been too enthused by Micro Machines in the past, but I now hope there are many more new offerings because its a toy avenue that I'd love to get into. I picked up some pieces here and there over the years, but never really appreciated them on the whole.

    Swaffy, I understand the point of your post, and think I need to give my tiny MM collection a big hug. :happy:
    But at the same time, given my mistakes in the past I can't help but feel that I'll really get excited if Hasbro starts filling the toy shelves with MM products (especially Action Fleet, those are my favorites, I think).

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    Caesar, to paraphrase ObiWanKenobi, "you've taken your first step into our fun and addictive world."

    Your contributions to the other forums have always been great reading, and I welcome you and look forward to seeing your thoughts here in MM / AF world.

    What MM / AF items do you already have? How informed are you on what all is available and allegedly still to come?

    What can I do to assist you in furthering your collecting and enjoyment of these great ships, etc.?
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    Thanks Swaffy!
    That was my first post in the MM forum that I can recall, and I must say my fingers trembled as I typed.

    What do I have? Not much, but I managed to get some stuff from most of the lines (I think). I have to admit that most of my purchases were clearance items but looking back I wish I had picked up some more stuff. Alright, I'd have to say AF are my favorite, with a TIE, Vader TIE, and a few wings - Y & A. The smaller sets are neat too: Jabba with throne, Bantha, and especially the Droid escape pod!

    Die-cast - I don't think I have more than a Sandcrawler and Falcon, but I was pretty excited to add a vintage die-cast Cloud Car recently!

    MMs (how do you reference the "regular" MMs?) - that's where most of my collection lies. I collected as far back as 1994 (when did Galoob start making them?) so it was circa '94 and I was 16. Just seeing new SW products on the shelves riled me up as I had a lot of fun with the vintage toys. I started by just getting the 3 packs, and I eventually picked up a few playsets (Hoth, Endor, Death Star) as well as the transforming R2. To be honest with you, when the action figure line really got going again, I focused on that.

    I'm excited to learn of what's to come, all I've heard about are a few reissues that JT reported on. I can tell you that if Hasbro gets aggressive in releasing AOTC merchandise, I'll be paying attention for a loooong time. I really enjoyed the movie, and I think they could make some cool toys based on it.

    Heh, I remember reading a post by GSJ after the Clone War trailer was released, he lamented about how so many of those vehicles would be so neat in MM form.

    Personally, I'd immediately grab any release of the Jedi Starfighter, a Republic Gunship, and I'd really like to see a die-cast speeder set. Those are just a few thoughts . . .

    What can you do? First, just keep being Swaffy!
    Beyond that, I think I'll just take some time to read through some old threads, that should afford me the opportunity to nestle in.

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    Caesar, glad to have you aboard our little express train to MM-station. Galoob first released 3 SW Micro Machines 3packs in mid-to-late '93 along with 3 Trek 3packs in their "Space Micro Machines" line.

    Most of us call Action Fleet "AF", Die Cast "DC" and regular Micro Machines "MM" even though they were all under the "Micro Machines" banner. The other stuff is not as common and usually gets referred to by line name like X-rays.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    JT, thanks for the quick lesson in the nomenclature of Micro Machines.

    Oh, late 1993? That makes sense, because I remember bugging my sister to drive me to WM after school to get those . . . I started driving in mid-94, so I knew it had to be before that.

    Hmm, I forgot to mention that I like the AF Series Alpha. It's strange, in the Hasbro figure poll I'm not interested in a concept Stormtrooper yet I think my Series Alpha AT-AT and Snowspeeder are really nice. Maybe because it shows the evolution in design across 2 pieces, instead of just one concept piece in the package.

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    Ah, good reasoning. I had to ride 2 busses to get to the local TRU to look for cool toys, and I just basically stumbled across the Space MMs. I bought Trek packs 2 and 3 and SW packs 1 and 2 that day and had noooooo money left except for my bus fair.

    I like the Series Alpha as well, both incarnations (Classic Trilogy and Ep 1), but I can't wait to get concept Stormtrooper too, so we differ there.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    "now that's a fun post", eh swaffy?

    now That's an easily-amused dude

    jdah: "Has occurred to you that it may not record in colour because you've thrashed the living p!$$ out of the tape, which I presume you never replace"
    -oh give me a Little credit for deductive skill some of the tapes are trashed to be sure but even fresh ones only record in b&w
    i don't mind, it saves wear & tear on my other four vcrs (actually 3 as of sunday; i gave one to a pal & showed him ds9 eps "inquisition" & "in the pale moonlight" on it )


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