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    Enthusiasm !!!!!!!!!

    I'm as quick as anyone here to poo-poo Hasbro for their bonehead lack of responsiveness to our MM / AF wants.

    In other aspects of my life, or the lives of my immediate family, when faced with a situation where certain outcomes are governed by forces largely out of my control, I try to focus on the things I can effect.

    In the MM / AF arena, what we can effect is our own enthusiasm for those items that are already out. It's obvious that the aftermarket auction prices are momentarily over-inflated due to the buzz from the latest movie, but experience tells us that the prices will drop again after a while. As for any new product that may, or may not be released - if it does, GREAT!, if it doesn't, that will SUCK!, but should we allow that to kill or even diminish our interest in what's already out there or on our shelves? - IMHO - NO!!! It's like so many other things in life - Hasbro only has the power to take away your happiness about MM / AF if YOU give them that power.

    To HELL with Hasbro. If they do release any new items (even repaints), I'll buy two of everything. But it will take something truly amazing on their part to ever win any respect or loyalty from me. I'm not holding my breath for that, and I'll be damned if I'll give them the power over me to let them take away my enjoyment of what I already have, and what's still out there for the having.

    Other than our customizers like Sakay & BC3, who exemplify the spirit I've been talking about as far as making their situation instead of just being dragged along by the current created by other forces, maybe everyone else who posts here already has everything they want from the existing produxt line, and has nothing new or interesting to say about what they have or hope to get?

    When I got most of what was available, boxed, I eventually got the jones to try for openers of everything, too. Unfortunately, I got hot to do this fairly recently, when auction prices are high. But the enjoyment and thrill of seeing the opened ships has been wonderful. Heck, I never knew from looking at my boxed version, that the stand for the Rancor was brown. I'd have never been so interested to open a TF Droid Fighter without reading JG's post about how ingeniously the rotating walking wings/legs mechanism was designed. I just learned from GSJ and r2dee2 this week about the Alpha Snowspeeder variations!

    So, what's it gonna be, folks?
    Are you gonna be in charge of your own happiness, or do you forfeit all control of your happiness & enjoyment of these great toys/collectibles to Hasbro?

    Well, I'll end this rant for now.
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