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    If I could turn back time

    Here's an interesting question that I thought of while bored at work that I thought I would ask everyone.

    If you could go back in time, and change an event that took place, what would it be, why, and how do you think things would be different now?

    It doesn't have to be anything monumental, though most probably will be. It can be something serious, something silly, or something personal.
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    I would make myself get treated for hyperglycemia, then again if I did that I may not know the joy of being a SW fan.
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    Man, I was just thinking about this.

    I would go back to the very first day I logged onto the Kenner website and saved the picture to a disk that they had on there for the (then) upcoming Mon Calamari cruiser for the Collector Fleet. It wasn't a very clear picture, but I haven't seen anyone have it since then. I didn't have many chances to get it either cause the first computer I was on was very, very, very slow, and it was one of the first AOL versions I was using.
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    I would turn back time and make my Mother marry someone else instead of my dad.... oh wait - if i did that i'd cease to exist and just pop out of existen.................

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    I would have not bought these POC TCG cards I just got from TRU. Only two good cards out of 25. Sheesh...
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    I definately would have picked different numbers for that $300 Million power ball payout!
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    I would go back to the day that I failed my learner's permit test and pass it. If I had passed, I'd get my beheind the wheel class early, instead of being booked for practically a year to take it.
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    i would've gone back to 7th or 8th grade and asked that cute blondie girl to a dance.
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    I would have gone back in time to 1968 America. It was a tulmutuous year for our country. The Tet Offensive occured in Vietnam, ending any hopes of us winning the war. Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, both individuals with ideals, big hopes, and dreams were murdered in cold blood. Riots happened in almost every major city in America, including the infamous Chicago riot during the Democratic Convention. Columbia U students overtook their own college. Anti-war protestors took to the streets and campuses, hippies frolicked in the parks, and the women's movement was in it's infancy. People were listening to Hendrix, the Stones, the Mommas and Papas, Jefferson Airplane, etc. The drug culture hit it's heyday. Not a pleasant time for many, but I would like to go there just to gauge the feeling of America on the brink. To witness history in the making.
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    I would go back and accept when Natalie Portman asked me out.

    Nahh, I could never date a girl 4 years older than me. I would go back to March last year and kick Daniel Best's *** before he told Mindee Sever lies about me.


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