This came from another thread where I originally posted this, but what the hell:

Why not sew the fur into a skin-tight nylon suit, or spandex suit, which is then put on over the fully poseable hardshell body? With his head, they should root it like barbie hair and do the whole thing right.

In the end, "The Ultimate Chewbacca" would be a $50-70 piece for one figure, but I'd guess a lot of us here would say it'd be worth it. - Oh, and packed in with him would be the original removeable cartridge bandolier and bowcaster, plus the stormtrooper rifle and a "projectile firing" stormtrooper gun, his chain from Jabba's Palace, a couple of his Millennium Falcon tool kits, his goggles, some Dejerek pieces and a chess table and stool you put together, and handcuffs from Cloud City.

Check that: I'd pay $100.00 for this!