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    Question for Royal Guard army builders.

    Do you like the "lean" that this figure is preposed in? I don't.

    Overall, I do like the figure but if I was looking to do a diorama of some sort, I don't think I could do it. I did buy multiples of the POTF2 version many years ago, and as bad as those statues were, at least they stood straight in the background.

    Personally, if I wanted to pose two Saga guards at the sides of the Emperor, I would have to prop up their right legs with a shim because it wouldn't look right to me, having one guard leaning toward the Emperor and one leaning away from him.

    This isn't even a complaint, I'm just interested in the reaction of the army builders since the figure seems to get pretty good reviews in general.

    Thanks for your time.

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    do u have a picture of the diorama? or r u still making it?
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    Oh - I'm not making a diorama, just offering my thoughts hypothetically.
    I'm not a diorama maker or army builder, so I'm just looking to gauge the reaction of collectors who do participate in such avenues.

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    It's not bad. I haven't really noticed a lean in mine, unless you mean leaning frontwards or backwards, cause I haven't looked at mine from the sides a whole lot.
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    No, look at him from the front - he leans from his left to his right.

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    i've never noticed that in mine, plus even if it leans it's a better scuplt then the old one.
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    I have six in my Emperor's arrival diorama and I have to say I hadn't noticed them leaning at all. I'll have to go look. But if i haven't noticed then it probably isn't that noticeable to me. They look wonderful BTW, three down each side of a whole host of troopers as the Emperor and vader walk down the center towards Tarkin and Motti. In the background are two AT-ST's and an AT-AT. I left space for the shuttle if it ever gets released and I even manage to bag one.

    But if your question is should you get more then I say yes, they look cool against a sea of black and white and grey uniforms.

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    I've built an army of saga Royal Guards. They look very cool with Chancellor Palpatine or The Emperor. I really like the saga guards.
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    i never noticed the lean till you pointed it out
    its slight but its definitely there
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    I never noticed at all and I've got two different versions on each side of the Emperor. I like them both lean or not.


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