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    Just called the number and they said that the figures were park exclusives. Did anyone else have this trouble or did I just get a crappy operator???????

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    No Luck

    I tried the number TWICE already this morning and I too was told that these are for the PARK STORES only and that they are not allowed to sell over the phone for direct sales!



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    No luck for me, I think the pre-orders are sold out. Can anyone confirm this?
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    Originally posted by Darth Shifty
    No luck for me, I think the pre-orders are sold out. Can anyone confirm this?
    Rebelscum claims they're sold out and on backorder. Maybe the whole "in-park exclusive" line is just what the phone operators have been told to tell people for now until they get more in.

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    I have a friend in California who's wife works for Disney. I am hoping she can pick me up a couple.
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    All right! Good news for moi! I'm going to D-Land the week after the 4th. One of my wife's friends works there and is scoring us free tix for the fam. I guess I'll pick up a set while I'm there. That is, unless the scalpers grab them all.
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    Any chance in you picking any extra up while you're down there?

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    Rebelscum just updated the info on these Star Tours
    figures. They aren't taking any phone orders. They
    are only in park exclusives and will be available in

    All orders that were already taken will be canceled
    and the customers will be contacted to inform
    them of this.

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    When you say available in August does that mean available to phone orders or just in the park?

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    Just in the park.


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