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    Not to complain too much about this but I think this is terrible. I could almost deal with Exclusives based on companies like Walmart and Target but this years geographical exclusives suck! I was lucky that I knew someone was going to EII so I got Jorg but now we are expected to go to Disneyland in the hopes that they may have figures in stock???

    Is anyone going down there or live around there so that they can pick some extras up??

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    I don't like them. They don't look very STAR WARS. I'm passing without any regrets.
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    Oh crap! August?! I guess I'll be saving $20 then. Rebelscum is also reporting an electronic Starspeeder 3000 to accompany the figures.
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    i can't wait to get my hands on those two figures. they would make decent scene fillers.

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    I am one of the ones who already pre-ordered them, and I tell you what, they are gonna get a piece of my mind when they call me to cancel my order. I think that is bulls**t. I am sorry, but it is. I've got an order # and everything. It is their mistake that they took the orders over the phone, not ours. They should not cancel them because of their screwup.
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    Originally posted by JEDIpartnr
    I don't like them. They don't look very STAR WARS. I'm passing without any regrets.
    I have to agree with you. Everyone is raving about these figures, but they look horrible and have nothing to do with SW in my opinion.

    Background fillers.....more like canon fodder!

    Bantha Poodoo!!!

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    I was wondering how long it would take before SOMEONE continued my lead. These look like the crap that third line toy makers were making to capitalise on STAR WARS back in the 70s. Horrible!!!!
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    It is upsetting that Hasbro thinks we'll gobble up any piece of garbage that has the SW logo on the package.

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    To me these are great, not because they are on S.W. cards, just cause they are some droids you can use for filler scenes. Background droids are great considering that we don't have many different types of droids, and these will do just fine for my purchase of the droids Diorama, when they release a new Jawa Sandcrawler. Just my opinion I guess.

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    These figures are bad? I think Rex is kind of cool! He's perfect for piloting the millenium falcon in the years before Han Solo owned it! The other one is kind of stupid, i agree!


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