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    Disney's Star Tours Figures - Avaliable Now!!

    The following news and images are from Rebelscum. I would have posted this in the POTJ line, but since they arn't really POTJ figures I will put them here. I would have linked directly to the story, but BigB and a few others have commented that Rebelscum usually take forever to load on their computers. Overall they look pretty good. I hope that the Disney Stores will be carrying these.:

    UPDATE: Carded Disney Droids
    Mike: Carded Disney Star Tours figures have popped up on eBay. The images, though a bit obscure, offer a nice glimpse of the overall look and the interesting fact that they're packaged under the Power of the Jedi logo. Take a look at RX-24 aka Captain REX and G2-4T. Both are exclusive to Walt Disney resorts and could possibly be out now, although earlier reports indicate late July or early August. Thanks to Brian for the news!

    Update: UPDATE: Carded Disney Droids
    Mike: Oz sends us more photos of the new Star Tours Droids found at Walt Disney Resort in Florida. He reports that Disney received about 2 cases worth today for $10 each (a standard Disney pricepoint for basic figures). Better dust off that passport and head on over to the Magic Kingdom. Happy Hunting!

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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