well I came back from germany (Aachen) yesterday and got me some figies!
"Kaufhof" had a 20% off everything offer so I bought Hangar Anakin and 2 Clonetrooper Commanders for 8 euros (7.76$) each! yes I finally got them and I love them! they're great
every toystore and even some electronis shops have the E2 figures for 10 euros (9.70$) but only OPD Anakin, Padme, CS Obi-Wan, 3PO, R2, SBD, KE Jango, Kit Fisto, Anakin Hangar, Clonetrooper Red and one store even had Yoda but I don't like the fig so I didn't buy him

and as a sidenote I bought Spawn Series 17 Tiffany (finally, for 17.90 euros (17.36$) though) and super-poseable Spiderman for 14 euros (13.58$) who is great at a comicshop I always visit when I'm in Aachen