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    Question got dooku but theres something else

    i don't know if this is a mistake or not but were the bar code is theres a big sticker over the bar code,is this on any one elses?
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    not over my be another "variation!" go sell it on e-bay and see how much you get!
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    wouldn't that make me a scarlper.
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    I think he was joking.
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    OH I get it now LOL
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    probly becuz that was an older bar code so they jus slapped another one on nuffin big really i see it alot
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    all the birds go cheap cheap
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    no It wasn't mexican,I got it from BJ's,and it's just a big white sticker,blank.
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    If you got it from BJs, then I believe it was from a 2-pack. The idea was that the 2pack had a new UPC for the 2pack's price, and to keep the individual figures' UPCs from being accidentally scanned, they covered up the individual carded figure's UPCs with that sticker.

    That's just an educated guess though.
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    i dont even know where to find a bj's store....
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