Hi this is my first posting,

But i just wanted to let my fellow Canadians know how much it sux to live up here in the North! St. John's Newfoundland Canada!

Just last week, Monday ( June 17th i think) we finally got the first wave of 12' SW AOTC figures; Anakin, Obiwan, Clone trooper!!

I bought Obiwan and Anakin, im thinking of buying doubles to open.

Just imagine, i remember seeing these 12' in pictures from New York Toys'r'us on April 23rd, thats over 2 months ago!!

That is crazy!

Ive been phoning Toysrus here in St. John's like a madman hoping that they're gonna have their 12' out soon. Cos im hoping to get a 12' Mace Windu, again flash back 2-3 years for episode 1 no Mace Windu 12' wave ever showed up here!!

How can u ever hope to be a collector when theres nothing to collect!

I havent seen anything on the Ultimate Jango 12' either, oh well maybe by Christmas !!