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    editing out my original post, I think I made a reference mistake

    Hey Swaffy, how do you think this will affect the goat milk industry?

    Will they have to post not only fat % but silk % too?

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    Sounds stupid, mutating goats just for profit on clothing. Heck, just mutating goats sounds stupid.
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    I remember hearing about this some time ago (thank you Discovey Channel)

    Still...might make for some tasty goat...nummy.
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    Cool, hope they make clothes for the domestic market out of this stuff. That way I could actually feel safe from gangsters and thugs walking home late at night, man those drive by shootings can get to be drag sometimes, how many of my best shirts have been completely ruined by stray bullets piercing through me. I wouldn't mind if I was just walking around in my scruffs but when it's a good shirt it gets to be a real pain.......

    Bullet proof clubbing gear, that's a great idea.

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    Actually, I think the result will be milk that will floss your teeth as you drink it.

    Why couldn't they mix the DNA of a goat with that of a cacao plant to make instant chocolate goat milk?
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    I don't see a problem with this genetic splicing thing as long as it benefits people. If this new thread they can make will allow for lighter military wear that enables our boys in khaki to move around a little quicker and dodge more bullets then i think it's a good thing. I don't think splicing genes to make some fat women thin is a good idea though. if they did it for the cosmetics industry or any organisation that indulges the rich people's vain fantasies then I'd be a bit peeved. So far this looks to be a way to benefit people for the good of the world. Maybe it is messing with nature but then so is going to the dentist or seeing a proctologist or any kind of medicine. It's all down to abuse of privilege really. And they reckon the goats are perfectly normal lactating anumals with no side effects from this genetic mix and match procedure. no harm done then.

    Perhaps though they might want to turn that attention and money they spent on creating this to finding solutions to the health problems we have in our current civillisations. I know several people who are quite literally dying to find a cure for what ails them.
    For instance, there are people who are immune to AIDS due to a gene extra in their systems. RThis dates back to their families being around during the period of the black plague in Europe. Some people contracted the plague but recovered while all around them died from it. These people have passed down the gene from generation to generation and currently those with this particular gene are immune to HIV and AIDS. Scientists know about this and could be extracting the gene to make a vaccine against the virus. Why more money isn't pumped into this area of scientific research is beyond me when this virus is the biggest killer in Africa and across the western world. Sure most people can get medication to battle the virus and bolster their life expectancy by several years but there is the possibility of a cure.
    To make a goat with the power to make milk that can be treated and turned into a kevlar like substance is ridiculous and distasteful to me.

    Perhaps you think i contradict myself with this post, the first half saying this gene splicing is ok but the second half condemning it.
    I do think gene splicing is ok but there are better and more worthy uses for it like I say, splicing the immune gene with other human genes to provide a cure for HIV and AIDS is one.

    Ponderous post over.

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    Gene splicing is done all the time. Frequently molecular biologists or biochemists will introduce a foreign gene into a bacterium to produce a foreign protein or other biochemical molecule because it is easier to produce that way.

    Being a scientist I see no problem per se with it because it helps us do our work faster and cheaper. However if someone were to radically alter a group of animals or plants and send them out into the general population to interbreed, I think then we have a real concern. It may be a big problem to change a whole species like this. Who could see the ultimate outcome? It may cause a problem like bringing a foreign species into a new habitat and watching it destroy the natural population.
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    "Good dialogue and smooth editing are no match for a good YES man by your side, kid." - George Lucas

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    Well look at the debacle a small while back with genetically-altered yellow corn being dangerous with an unseen side-effect. For a year, we didn't have yellow corn in the US, none for bbqs, tortilla chips, cornmeal (although we apparently had a large store of yellow corn-derived cornmeal) and a bunch of other stuff.
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    Yellower corn or rich fat juicy tomatoes that taste better than the ordinary types is just abusing the technology for the sake of greed. Similarly while I think the goat thread is a good idea hypothetically, It's just an abuse. To actually use the technology to help save lives can only be a good thing surely? Like I say, the O gene is present in such a small percentage of humans that to take that gene to prepare a vaccine for HIV would be beneficial to all humanity. It's a true human gene that must surely be harmless for it to present at all. It was discovered back in 1986 after the hellfire of the first wave of the AIDS epidemic but so far nothing has been done seriously to research the effects of splicing this gene into humans without it.
    I accept that as a non academic I over simplify my views. I'm not a learned individual and have no true hard and fast facts to back this up, All I'm going on is a documentary I saw on TV recently that tracked the progression people with the O gene from Europe in the days of the black plague to America now. They interviewed the guy that heralded the discovery of the O gene in '86. They talked to families who are descended from the people who survived the black plague and did genetic tests on them to find that they too were O gene positive. All of the people with the O gene are immune to AIDS. It just seems crazy to me that scientists are allowed to carry on producing freaks like the goats or vegetables like yellow corn and fat stay ripe tomatoes when thre is so much more that could be done which is actually beneficial to us who live now in the shadow of the AIDS pandemic.
    As someone who has seen many people die from the virus and will see many more friends also die, I feel somewhat bitter about the state of modern science and the whims of the rich who fund it.


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