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    Luke and Obi Wan with yellow lightsabers???

    I have always wondered why the earlier Kenner figures of Luke and Obi Wan came with yellow lightsabers. Attention to detail went out the window with those. Maybe blue plastic was hard to come by back then?
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    I don't remember Obi-Wan with a yellow saber. Although the picture on the card showed him weilding a yellow saber, the figure in the package had a blue retractable saber.

    Luke however did come with a yellow retractable saber. I think the reason both Luke and Obi-Wan didn't have blue sabers is because Kenner wanted them to each have a different color blade.

    Even my vintage Luke Bespin came with a yellow saber.

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    Didn't one of the 12" figures come with a yellow saber? Was it Luke or Ben? I never got that either. I believe the inflatable lightsaber had a yellow blade. I used to think that it was so we wouldn't be confused if a blue blade ever fought against another blue one (notice that no saber duels in the films had had the same color blades...).

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    I forgot all about my inflatable lightsaber when I was a kid! Yes, it was definately yellow. It was one of my favorite toys. I had the red plastic vader saber as well. The one that made sounds from the air whistle (surprisingly accurate) when you swung it around.

    I agree with TIE pilot. It was probably done so Luke, Obi-Wan and Vader all had different colored lightsabers.
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    Someone was selling a telescoping Luke on ebay that had a red saber. Fake? I thought even this earliest version was yellow??

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    Vader, of course, had a red saber, and I believe there were some telescoping versions made.

    Telescoping Push Thru Arm-
    * Darth Vader (red)
    * Ben Kenobi (blue)
    * Luke Skywalker (yellow)

    Push Thru Arm-
    * Darth Vader (red)
    * Ben Kenobi (blue)
    * Luke Skywalker (yellow)

    Hand Held-
    * Bespin Luke Skywalker (yellow)
    * Jedi Luke Skywalker (blue)
    * Jedi Luke Skywalker (green)

    I think that's it.
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    Didn't one of the 12" figures come with a yellow saber? Was it Luke or Ben?
    Funny you should mention that, if I remember correctly the saber colors were ~reversed~ in the 12" line. Ben had the yellow saber and Luke had a blue one.

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    Other reason for the yellow sabers is, if you watch ep4 when luke has his lightsaber out it looks white. There is very little blue to that blade.
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    Good point LusiferSam. In the Original OT befor the SE, the saber was nearly pure white. I don't know the reason behind this, except the special effects people took a nap that day. Ben's is clearly blue, but lukes is a differnt color thatn Ben's, so the toy should have been too. Don't forget that Kenner had very little to go on back in the day. They didn't know much of anything. They even invented the names of some charachters (Walrus Man, Hammer Head, ect.) becasue Lucasfilm didn't give them very much info. So, it's lucky they ever got anything right.
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    I believe you're all missing the most disturbing fact about these Kenner figures: Just last night, I was watching Episode 4 again when a quick flash of color caught my eye. I'd never seen this before, so I rewound it and watched again in slowmo, and I realized that the flash of color was none other than Obi Wan's underwear! It's a very brief scene, and it takes place during the duel with Darth Vader. Anyway, the underwear color was distinctly orange. I quickly ran in my room to check my old Kenner 12 inch Obi Wan figure. Upon pulling up Ol' Obi Wan's robe, I made a startling discovery: Kenner goofed again! His underwear is green, not the orange that it is in the movie. Has anyone else noticed this heinous error? And, if so, why would Kenner do this?
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