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    Exactly how long is a parsec?

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    I believe it's a simple unit of space's like a naut, but in space. I'm guessing a few thousand kilometers.

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    Parsec: The unit of length used for distances beyond the solar system. It is the distance at which the astronomical unit subtends one second of arc, and is therefore 206 205 AU, 3.086x10(13) km, 3.26 light year. From PARallax SECond. Abbrev. pc

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    it's a unit of time--han solo was a braggart who didn't know what he was talking about
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    It's the same as 10 Hawaiian minutes.

    Other equations:
    1/10 of a decaparsec,
    1/1000 of a kiloparsec
    1/60 of a parmin
    +1 of a birdiesec
    +2 of an eaglesec
    no relation to a Not Brand Pars-ech
    take Dramamine to keep from getting carsec

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    Just remember to change your oil every 3000 parsecs and don't forget to have your thrusters rotated to.
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    fill'er up, and could you check the negative power coupling?
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    Originally posted by anarky
    it's a unit of time--han solo was a braggart who didn't know what he was talking about
    A parsec is a unit of distance not time. The definition states 1 second of arc. In describing 3 dimensional space, relative distances (in relation to the observer) are given in degrees which are broken down into seconds. Latitude and Longitudes are also discribed this way. 42 degrees 30' (minutes) 15" (seconds) for example. So if an object moves appears to move from 1 star to the next across the sky, it would cover so many degrees/seconds of the night sky or parsecs. It's also been stated to equal 3.26 light years of distance. One second of arc could mean anything, from 1 mile to 1 million depending on the distance from the observer but it's been standardized to the 3.26 light years.

    I've heard the argument about Han Solo discribing his record trip in distance (parsecs) not time. One explaination is that since long distant travel is made in hyperspace (curved space) that making a journey in a shorter "distance" would be impressive. You, or Han, were able to warp space enough to greatly shorten the distance between 2 points.

    I'd be willing to believe that argument but I think it's more fun to think that Han had no idea what he was talking about and just threw around fancy terms to impress others. :happy:

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    Damn you beat me to it, I wanted to explain it!
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