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    Toys R Us Savers' Program

    I've seen the sign in the store many times and ignored it, but something in an e-mail I got this morning made me take a second look.

    Basically, put money (no minimum, $2500 maximum) on what sounds similar to a TRU giftcard anytime in the year prior to October 16, don't touch the money until the end of the October, and they add 3% to it, up to $75 (regardless of when the money was put in the account).

    This might not be the smartest way to save over the course of a year; 3% is a decent return, but it's restricted to TRU. However, I'm thinking that adding money to a new account during October, which doesn't appear to be against their rules, and getting a 3% bonus in less than four weeks is a much sweeter deal. (If I'm figuring correctly, that'd be sort of like a 36% APY. Sure, it can only be used at TRU, but that's a caveat most of us here could live with over such a short term.)

    Next time I'm in town, I'm going to check it out and see if there's some catch they're leaving out on their website FAQ.
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    Interesting.....I wonder if they are going for people who are scaling back their gift giving for the holidays. If you plan on spending a set amount, all or most of it toys, might be worth it to some. Even to just cover part of the tax.
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