Hope Hasbro are reading...

1 - Severe lack of Star Wars figures / vehicles available.
2 - Only Toys R Us is a major retailer and hasn't stocked since Flashbacks.
3 - Limited releases of POTF figures.
4 - no POTJ in shops.
5 - Can only buy POTJ (not all figures) from Hasbro direct for about 8 ($12?).
6 - Can pay upto $15 - $20 for figures at Toy Fairs.
7 - High Price means can only buy one of each figure and don't open packaging.
8 - Above means army building and diaromas is difficult.

If I lived in the US I would stock up loads on armies etc. would also buy 2 of each enabling me to open one, and being a Student it doesnt help as limited cash....