Walmart Snowspeeder x2 - both in good shape, minor wear on the box. I have a third one that I plan on keeping for my own collection but if the offer is right I'll lose it.
Bloody Bespin Luke - NICE piece. VERY VERY light crease on back near bubble, and small ding beneath stamped number. Its really nice.
Bloody Bespin Luke #2 - some creasing behind the bubble, looks great from the front, I will happily provide pictures.
Luminara Unduli "cloak" text showing
Jango Fett Grey Armor w/Background
Darth Vader Bespin Duel Hand variant - The sculpt is different for the pinky and part of the hand for Vader. Most people don't seem to believe it exists, but I have it, and don't want it. I will have pictures taken of it. Card has minor creasing on back where bubble was attached.
Luminara just plain old two stickers covering text
Qui-Gon SAGA in case people are having trouble finding this
Count Dooku see above
Han Solo Endor Raid White Droid Caller

Unpainted LOOSE POTF2 Boba Fett this is a weird figure I found when I was at home and looking through my stuff from my youth. The feet and hands aren't painted, and neither is Boba's backpack. its just a weird piece, I need to get some pictures up and if nothing else, maybe someone can clear up what this thing is. And who knows, maybe someone wants it, cos I don't. If its loose, I want it to be painted right.

TIE BOMBER - looking for a 1/1 swap for one of my snowspeeders.
Jorg Sacul MOMC
Luke Bloody Bespin MOMC I really can't stress the second M enough with this one. I'm unloading my other two because I want one that has nothing absolutely nothing wrong with it.
Theater Luke MOMC
Tan Jedi Luke MOMC
Boba Fett 300 MOMC
R2 w/Holo Leia MOMC
BoShek MOMC - I know he's not super hard to find, but god I LOVE this figure.
EU Imperial Sentinel - the only EU figure I don't have so its a no-brainer.
Wasn't there some Luke Skywalker with Coin and Poncho figure that was rereleased recently? I'd be interested in that, or FREE information about that.

I'm really looking for HTFs to start my collection with. The common stuff I don't have any qualms about shelling out money for on ebay or on the forums. But I'm looking for htf pieces to start and will build in the commons later.
BUT I'm listening to all offers.
PM and/or email me.
references on ebay at same SN as SSG handle. I completed a trade on this board with cohens4 and there is feedback about it in the appropriate forum.

Thanks for looking
Luke Smith