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    I prefer the original Wrath of Khan cut to the director's cut. I don't like some of the interactions between Scotty's nephew and Kirk. I wish I had the theatrical version on DVD. And they don't need to update the effects for me!

    I think that since they are updating the original series they should put Chekov in the same room with Khan in some scene, I don't know which. Always irritated me that Chekov isn't in Space Seed.

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    Yeah, WOK moves incredibly well with the original version, but supposedly Meyer really did want the scenes in the Director's Cut.

    Chekov's character wasn't added to the cast until the season after Space Seed aired. We can just assume he worked in a different part of the ship when Khan arrived and we just didn't see them interact.
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    Chekov was kept busy looking for new-clear wessels.

    He spent all of season 1 searching for them but didn't find any so Kirk let him move up to the bridge.
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