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    Laurel Finds

    This really just includes the Laurel Wal-Mart, as the only other carrier of current SW is Walgreen's. Which, by the way, currently has both an Endor C-3PO and a Greatest Battles C-3PO.

    Wal-Mart (as of yesterday) had some of the exclusive WM wave left, namely Aurra and Nabrun Leids/Kabe. It also had 1 Vader's Starfighter (I bought the other one), the Trade Federation Tank, and a Droid Tri-fighter. There were still some remnants of Wave 8 lingering, including 2 442nd Seige Battalion clones.

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    As of yesterday, the Laurel WM had some remnants of Wave 9 -- a Kashyyyk Clone, about 4 or 5 Combat Engineer troopers, several Poofs, Padme, Vader's astromech, and 1 each of the Battle Droid 2-pack, holo Obi, and the 442nd Seige Battalion trooper.

    Of the Wal-Mart exclusive wave, they had 1 purple astro droid and several each of the Cantina aliens, and Aurra.

    There are only 1 each of the Droid Tri-Fighter and Vader's Starfighter mid-size vehicles.

    The Titanium ships got a refresher, including Maul and Paploo speeders, AT-ST, Endor AT-AT, AOTC Jedi Starfighter w/ring, and Anakin's Starfighter (Clone Wars), and Vader's Sith fighter.

    They are sold out of the LEGO Landing Craft & Star Destroyer, with 1 left of the Y-Wing Fighter. There are still several Jabba's Sail Barge sets, and plenty of the TIE Interceptor, B-Wing, V-Wing, and AT-ST sets. I didn't see any of the Battle Packs left, though.

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    Three new cases of TAC Wave 1 hit the Laurel Wal-Mart over the weekend. There are still several Airborne troopers and a couple of Marines left (after my purge), along with plenty of Kenobi's, R2's, Miners, and two Windu's. No Concept Troopers left, though.

    The Saesee Starfighter wave of ships are in stock there, too, along with a refresher of Titanium vehicles (including the red TIE) and the latest wave of Galactic Heroes.

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    They also have the TAC role-play blasters in stock, as well. They have also restocked their mini Unleashed, and the new stock looks to have better paint apps, as a whole, than those of the initial shipment. As of this morning, there were still three Airborne Troopers and 1 Galactic Marine. Surprising, since there is at least 1 collector who works at that store.

    There are no new Lego sets, and haven't been for some time. They are sold out of the Star Destroyer, and possibly the Imperial Landing Craft and the Slave I. (I highly recommend the latter. What a great ship.)

    For those that collect them, the Pirates of the Caribbean stock has been marked down, I guess to make way for the new toys from the final movie coming up.

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    They've restocked the Lego Y-Wing. There are 1 each of Slave I and the Imperial Landing Craft. The shelf tag for the ISD is gone.

    No refresh cases of the TAC Wave 1 so far. They are sold out of the Clones. The others are selling, albeit slowly.

    There is 1 Saesee Starfighter left of their mid-size ship offerings. They should be getting a refresher case soon... it may include the Infiltrator and V-Wing, but who knows?

    On a side note, looks like they're putting risers back up in the toy section. I'm glad... it just looks better that way, IMO.

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    Looks like someone came through and bought the 3 Combat Engineer Clones and the 1 442nd Seige Battalion Clone that had been lingering on the pegs for a couple of weeks. (Was that you, BanthaPoodoo?) Glad to see them gone... less temptation for me.

    3 Kenobis, 2 Miners, 1 R2, and 1 Mace make up the remnants of that initial TAC Wave 1. A refresh shipment is due, I would think.

    Galactic Heroes are selling well.

    Still plenty of Comic Packs, all flavors.

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    Wow, can't believe it's been 2 months since my last post here!

    Hattiesburg Target has remnants of the Vintage wave, but no Snowies. They also apparently got a case of TAC basic figures wave 3. Not everything was there, and I took the only McChewie (sorry), but I left a couple of Stormies, Vaders, Lukes, a Biggs, and a Jawa, as well as a couple of Galactic Marines.

    TRU Hattiesburg had 1 vintage Bossk and 1 vintage Luke Bespin. I took the Bossk. No new TAC basic figures there. Plenty of Tantive battle packs and a couple of others (Dagobah, Geonosis).

    Wal-Mart on 98 West had no Vintage and no new TAC basic figures. Plenty of Vader/coin album sets. Nothing else of interest there.

    Laurel Wal-Mart had a case of Wave 2 come through last week. I never saw McFett, but I got pilot Biggs. There were still several Rebel Honor Guards, Ceremony Lukes, and a couple of Hans left yesterday, along with the usual Saga rabble and TAC wave 1 scraps. OF NOTE: this store still has two V-Wing fighters and a Sith Infiltrator. They've been there well over two weeks. I didn't buy any of either, so if you're in need of these ships, might wanna swing by.


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