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    May I ask another question?

    Hello all

    I am not a completist, but I have started collecting ALL droid figures.

    What price is a fair price to pay for an EU Dark Trooper and can you buy them on line without having to go through auction.

    Your thanks


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    If the Dark Trooper is very scarce there then $10 would be an ok deal, now if they give it to you higher than that and u say u are a no completist collector, then let it pass and wait for a better deal.
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    Depends on how much you want it and how much your willing to spend to get it
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    Check out various auction sites (Yahoo, eBay), Yahoo and other classified ads (like here on SSG), and even local flea markets and (if there are any) toy or comic shows. Above all, if you don't want to spend "top dollar", be patient. I'm about to trade a B-Wing for an Eopie w/Qui-Gon Beast Pack that I refused to spend $100 plus for, so I come out not too bad in the long run. It took a long time to find that deal, but I found it eventually.
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    I thought the Dark Trooper was just a guy in a suit, like the other troopers. Hey, I may have saved you $10!
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    He's part droid

    The Dark Trooper is a cyborg (part human, part droid), plus he also capable of limited force abilities

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    Malakite: Where did you hear that? I've always assumed from DF1 that the DarkTrooper is just a super assasin droid. Where does he have force abilitys?
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    Yep, the Dark Forces PC game story line states that he is indeed a droid...which BTW satets 3 stages...the EU version we got is the latest version. But i never heard b4 he had force abilities, nor that he was a cyborg...
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    I do believe he is just a droid and that the Space Trooper is half human, half cyborg. (I dunno, I don't read many comics)
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    SW Enclopedia

    I,m pretty certain they mention it in the Star Wars Encylopedia.


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