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    Do the sith have thieir own logo?

    I was wondering if anyone knew if the sith had a their own logo? I was planning on getting a star wars tattoo and thought that that would be cool or something with darth maul.
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    I know a guy who has maul's face with the horns and all. It looks pretty good. Just make sure you get someone who knows what theyre doing so it looks accurate.
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    I'm sure a mondo-brain freeze is something to get too, so all the feeling is in your aching head during the tatoo.
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    In the John Rassick series, the logo of the Sith Empire is:

    A black circle with a triangle inside, with a red background and three blades rising to the top of the triangle.

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    I just got the republic symbol on my right forearm last month the one seen on Obi-wan's starfighter

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    I doubt that the Sith would have a logo. This way they can keep others from knowing who they are.
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    Originally posted by Obi-Don
    I doubt that the Sith would have a logo. This way they can keep others from knowing who they are.
    Not true, I saw someone at work today who is not all that popular, with a sign on his back saying; "kick me, I'm Sith" - unless I misread "sith"


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    i think it's just the word "evil" in big block letters...
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