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    Talking forget colemen tember I want this guy

    his name is pablo Jiil,who else wants him.
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    i've been trying to figure out who he is and yes i want him bad
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    That's a tough one, I wanted this guy before I even found out his name, but then Colemen Trebor is great, one or the other would be fine, we'll get them all eventually!
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    I saw this guy last night on the Star Wars webiste.. and he is one ~freaky~ lookin' alien! This is the Jedi that I thought resembled Howard The Duck from a distance.

    I definitely want to see a figure of him eventually.

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    Is Howard The Duck that Lucas movie that was a flop, if so has anyone got any pictures?
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    I thought it was JILL not JIIL. no matter, I think both Pablo-J and Coleman T. are both excellent candidates for figures. Something new to spice things up. i grow tired of the usual suspects in every line up. I know Hasbro thinks we won't buy a wave if it doesn't contain a core character or three dozen but I buy the non core characters more than I do the core ones.

    Which jedi are left to produce:

    Yaddle the sainted
    Oppo Rancisis
    Yareal Poof
    Even Piell
    Depa Billaba
    Coleman Trebor
    Pablo Jill
    Aayla Secura
    Stass Allie
    Bariss Offee
    Madame Jocasta Nu
    Jack (youngling from the bear clan)
    Mari Amethyst (youngling from the bear clan)
    3 alien padawans (younglings from the bear clan)

    Then there's neutral poses of:

    Luminara Unduli
    Eeth Koth
    Nikto Jedi
    Shaak Ti

    that should be a start. There's also a:

    Yoda in his hover pod seat thing.
    Mace and Yoda in meditation poses with legs crossed.
    A million Anakin and Obi-Wan resculpts.

    Plenty plenty plenty to keep Hasbro busy with Jedi for a while, or at least until 2005.

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    Don't forget that we are getting Aayla Secura next year, Emporer Jargo. I bet that we will also see a few others of your list getting produced next year, too.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    Wasn't there a rumor way way way way way way way, i'm talkin' way back in the day about a possible jedi council scene for Episode I?? this is prolly just my wishful imagination, but i swore I heard from somebody back in 99 that this was a possible scene, but never made it. I'm prolly wrong, but imagine how sweet this would be (sigh)
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    I hadn't forgotten but she hasn't got a release date yet so i still class her as a possible maybe. God knows we've seen the sculpts and seen the hardcopy only to see the figure get shelved too many times before. I don't want to tempt fate by asserting anything regarding her.

    personally, I think Pablo-Jill looks like they turned JarJar's head upside down and cut off the ears and made it a little uglier. Y'know how the ILM guys like to recycle stuff right? Hmmm, not that I'm insinuating anything about crap designs or anything......
    No seriously he does looks seriously ugly and would be really cool to get as long as he's not got some stupid gimmick. Coleman trebor I want because he's huge. Got bigger shoulder pads than Joan Collins in Dynasty!!!!!!!!!!

    There was a rumour and a rumble from hasbro themselves about the possibility of a Jedi council cinema scene at the end of this year beginning of next but I think that's been scotched now. I reckon it'll be deluxe sets and basic carded figures from now on. They seem to sell the deluxe sets fairly well. probably something to do with the price of the sets. A deluxe set costs less than cinema scene to make and package and the retail pricepoint is way lower making it a more attractive proposition all round. basic figures have always done well but cinema scenes were a big turkey financially. I'd rather get two figures done well like the 25th anniversary packs than three sub par figures in a cinema scene.
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    Pardon another dumb question by yours truly, and this Coleman character is....i guess i missed this post previously, is somebody can post a pic or something, please do. thanks
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