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    What has been your hardest Saga figure to find?

    For me it would have to be Yoda, Count Dooku, and Anakin Hanger Duel.

    I found Yoda behind a bunch of pegwarmers. It was the only one in the store and I think it was overlooked because it was so hard to reach and get at.

    Dooku was hard at first, but now some are surfacing. Same with Anakin HD. But overall Yoda was extremely hard to find, and you can't find him anywhere anymore. He was so awesome in AOTC that he just gets snapped up whenever he is on the shelf, because everybody has to have him.

    Can't say the same about Battle Droids or 3PO, they aren't pegwarmers, they are pegfirepits, they will still be on the shelf when Episode III rolls around.

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    dexter there for a while...dooku, and yoda and ani hd. han solo is rare now.....
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    I was lucky enough to get Yoda and Dooku, AND HD Anakin early on in the game. Actually, they were the first 3 saga figs that I got. Right now, Obi Wan JSF is the hardest for me.....I just cant find it what so ever.
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    Im the same here in Charleston and Columbia SC.
    I see Yoda fairly regularly, but that Dooku and the Guybrush Threepwood Anakin are no where to be found. Whats the deal with that.


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    It's funny because it all depends on the area. Some cities have more of one figure than the other and visa verca. Yoda is the one guy however that seems to be never on the shelf all over the place. They finally restocked at a store and there were like 5 or 6 Yodas. The next day I went to take a look for fun, and they were all snapped up, nothing left. He is definately the most popular character from AOTC which is making him hard to find.

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    Dooku's still mr. hardtofind here. Yoda's can be found once in a while, most stores are just starting to get the bespin wave, but if it isn't a battle droid, a nikto jedi, kit, ani, amidala, or obi-wan...its all hard to find.

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    Can acklay be included in this thread? it's not really a "figure" but it's still harder than all heck to find around here. I had trouble with JSP Obi-Wan, but tracked him down. I was able to get yoda and dooku on 4/23 and haven't seen hardly any of them since. I'm sure stores have cases of them around in the backrooms, but due to pegwarmers galore around cols, they prolly won't make the shelf for a while.
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    The Nexu and Yoda. I have yet to see one of them... Grr... Oh, and I'm now a Sith Initiate. Yay.
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