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    The Jek Porky Fan's Choice Poll

    It's back, the JPFCP, just a bit of fun, I've carefully selected the contestants for this months poll, good luck voting:

    Coruscant Air Taxi Pilot
    Pablo Jill (Jedi Master)
    Ponda Baba (Resculpt)
    General Carlist Reikaan
    Yarna D'Al Gargan (Jabba's Dancer)

    Voting ends Monday 1st July 2002, good luck voting and the winning figure won't be made!
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    Fan's Choice is enough to viciously divide fans, why re-create that hostility "for fun"?
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    Ponda is a bit of a duff choice for me considering the new cantina section release does just about everything you need Ponda to do.

    The Mott Not Rab lookalike air taxi pilot is a good one but I'd rather he came with the taxi itself as a vehicle release.

    Rieeken is one I'd buy but not at the expense of more interesting alien characters who don't wear quilted items of clothing and commit fashion faux pas.

    And obviously for those who have been reading my endless rambles for so long, my vote goes to Yarna D'al Gargan as a nod of tribute to the late Claire Davenport who was much underpraised for her talents and much under used by the industry. It aint over 'til the fat lady wobbles unsteadily dances. God bless claire Davenport! :happy:

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    Pablo Jill, he's one crazy *****!
    In the unlikely event that Hasbro does make one, he should have lots of articulation, so he can hold his lightsaber and just walk around the Jedi temple without looking too goofy.
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    PABLO JILL!!!!

    I want every jedi in AOTC forget putting out the others give me the jedi.

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    I'm not sure if I want the General more or Yarna.....Meditate on this I will.
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    Coruscant Air Taxi Pilot
    Pablo Jill (Jedi Master)
    Ponda Baba (Resculpt)
    General Carlist Reikaan
    Yarna D'Al Gargan (Jabba's Dancer)
    I figure Pablo Jill will be made eventually. As will Reikaan since he was already mentioned in a Hasbro Poll and got a lot of votes even though he didn't win. Ponda Baba? Eh.. the POTF2 version was just fine for me. The air taxi driver, kinda neat but not on my top 10 want list.

    I'll have to give my vote to Yarna. She's long overdue to be immortalized in 3 3/4 inches of plastic.

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    For me:
    #1 Rieekan
    #2 Yarna (She would be an ok diorama filler to put with Sy Snootles I guess)
    #3 Pablo Jill (Looks like the assassin alien from 'The Last Starfighter')
    #4 Coruscant Air Taxi Pilot
    #5 Ponda Baba (last because we're getting a modified version in the upcoming Cantina bar set)
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    sadly the imperial dignitary and hermi odle and sgt. doallyn are missing. i pretty much only want figures from rotj some more from esb would be great also.. captain needa and admiral ozzel i could go on and on but as far as your list gimme a yarna
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    Yarna please.

    Ever since I saw that pic of the vintage prototype in Chronicles, I can't excuse Kenner/Hasbro for never making her.

    That, and with Jargo's "endless rambles for so long", how could I EVER forget about her?


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