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Thread: POTJ Packaging

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    POTJ Packaging

    Just wondered what everyone would like to see packaged with the POTJ figures if Hasbro decided to get rid of the Force Files?
    Personally I don't know? Just wondered what everyone else might think...
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    A scurrier rodent. Don't ask me why but I just love those darned vermin. One with every figure would certainly satisfy me but I'm not so sure about the rest of the world....

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    Sorry REALSTANDS, but my vote goes to (and I've said this at LEAST 300 times) a figure stand with the character hologram on it. No more topple prone figures waiting for your next order of stands to arrive!!!
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    I like the force files, i wouldnt change that, but i would definitely add a realstand, that way we keep the force files and we get something new.
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    My vote would go to the figure stands. I would want the stands to have a hologram of the character or a commtech chip or somehting.

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    I kinda like the Force Files, but I enjoyed the Freeze Frame series more!

    IMO, Hasbro should pack a stand in with ALL Star Wars figures.

    Has anyone here bought the new 3 3/4 G.I. Joes? Each 2-pk comes with 2 stands!

    So let's see, you get 2 Ultra-Articulated figures with LOTS of cool accessories (Helmets, guns, backpacks, etc) AND 2 stands, for the same price as 1 SW figure with a Force File!

    And Hasbro makes BOTH the GI Joes and Star Wars!

    What's upwith that?

    BTW, I also liked the old POTF coins. I'd LOVE to see Hasbo do a mail-away offer for new coins!
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    A stand would be great. COMMtech chips were great stands. I say, stands all the way!
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    Pins - As an Olympic pin collector,I'd like to see Hasbro release a few pins
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    CCG Cards. As a collector of CCG cards, I wouldn't mind exclusive CCG cards with the figures.

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    I think the new figures should be packaged with a cracker. Nothing special, just a Ritz or maybe a couple Cheez-its.
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