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    When there are no more Vehicles to do...

    Imagine, every vehicle in all the 6 films has been made, Hasbro had squeezed enough life out of Expanded Universe Vehicles, (huge by the time all 6 have been around a while...
    What would you want Hasbro to turn their attentions to to make you part more of that small fortune on Star Wars? Playsets?

    I would love to have a Sail Barge (as others have written) Imagine 2 tidy skiffs buzzing around a Sarlac Pit Playset? Although probably easier to make...

    Another one I have always thought of would have to be the Endor Landing Platform, with a shuttle sitting on the top and an AT-AT patrolling near by, an anxious Vader & Luke standing on a gantry way... I could go on and on...

    But, I think perhaps Playsets are generally not good sellers...

    Customizing anyone?
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    playsets all the way. I would love a sail barge w/ sarlaac.
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    I think that Hasbro should reconsider that "Imperial Outpost" that was abandonned way back in the mid-1980s. For those of you who are aren't up on this behemoth... visit the link below to see it in all of its drafted splendour!!

    Imagine the great stuff you could do with this monster... even if you didn't own the AT-AT that was pictured with it!!!


    (Hope you can get the link to work!)
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    Playsets!!! The sail barge with Saarlac has to be done...
    Imperial sation would also be a great asset to our collection,
    The Cantina and Jabbas palace would have to be rereleased but in plastic, not dioramas, we want a place to put rancor eating gamorreans...
    The Death star would always be no. 1 in our hearts also...
    Least but not last...Ewok village...

    Who knows?? Maybe we will get one of these somewhere between EPII and EPIII.
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