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    Okay, let's say you aren't a scalper. You already have one of a certain action figure. Alright, you spot a figure variation at a Wal-Mart that you know is worth 450 dollars, but he is the last one left. Would you:

    (A) Buy it and keep it in the package.
    (B) Buy it and open it as an extra.
    (C) Sell it
    (D) Leave it
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    Well... It depends.

    If the figure is quite hard to find, and I've got only one of the figure in total, which is also the same version as the figure, I would buy it an open the less mint one.

    If it didn't really interest me though, and I already had the other versions of the figures, I would probably leave or buy it if it wasn't expensive and keep it packaged.

    Either way though, I would never go with C, if I don't want it - I ain't gonna buy it, unless it's for trading purposes or a gift.
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    I don't have very much faith in people, so the chance of me pawning a "valuable" chunk of plastic to a complete stranger is pretty slim.

    I don't need the money, and if something occurred where I did, I have plenty of items of real value to part with. It's that simple.
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    I'd buy it and sell it to someone who really really wanted that variation for cost plus shipping just to make their day

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    I open ~all~ my figures, however if I were to run across a figure that I knew for certain was worth a lot of money, I'd probably buy it and keep it on the card. Not because I'd want to sell it (however IF the situation arose, I just might) but I think it'd be kinda neat having such a rare figure to display on a card.

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    E.) Buy it and trade it for somthing I do need, with someone that is intrested in so called "variations".

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    If I knew I could get 450 dollars for it, I would sell it in a heartbeat. Unless my best friend needed it, but I am confident that he would want to sell it. I am too hard up on money lately not to take advantage of it. Buying a house, car, surgery. 450$? No brainer in my opinion.
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    I buy and trade it for something I wanted, it would not matter if the other figure was worth less. Equal trade.

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    I'm broke. I'd buy it and sell it. If I wasn't broke, I'd buy it and keep it in it's package.

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    i usually keep all my figures in the cards unless i buy 2 of the same figure then i take one out but ya it depends if the figure is on my wnat list then sure but if not then it stays on the pegs haha
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