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    I usually like to pick up at least 2, but no more than 3. My brother and I share a collection so we each like to have one. Plus one extra couldn't hurt in case I see Kenny Baker walking down the street and I want an autograph.

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    You see Kenny often........?

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    A dealer had one at Wizard for $300. The $125 Sacul suddenly seemed like a good deal.

    R2 - he's a neat lookin' piece, and if I can find the gunship around that time, I'll definitely spring the cash to get one. Or two.

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    jdmarlow, don't forget to carry a silver pen with ya
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    I found this story from RTM, I thought everyone interested in the R2 would like to know this:

    "July 10, 2002 - A little birdie has let RTM know two things of interest to collectors about the upcoming Toys'R'Us exclusive Silver Anniversary R2-D2 action figure...

    1. While $25 has been mentioned several times as the minimum purchase requirement to receive the R2-D2 figure, no dollar amount has officially been set yet. So while it could very well be $25, it could also be $100. The birdie pointed out that $100 would make sense, because that is the price range on the R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid, which is due out in August, the same time frame as the Silver R2 giveaway.

    2. You know all those eBay auctions for the Silver R2-D2? Toys'R'Us has contacted the sellers in the "on hand" auctions and asked them to remove their listings. (If the auctions were for "presales" it is a different matter.) No one should have one yet, as Toys'R'Us has not released any, nor has Hasbro. Interestingly, as of the afternoon of July 10th, not a single seller has replied to Toys'R'Us."
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    I can't wait to get this R2. I don't have the opportunities to get most of the special figures, so I just can't wait!

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
    You see Kenny often........?
    Are you kidding? I see Kenny all the time. We are good friends.

    and then I wake up....

    "Street Music" (Directed by JD Marlow) is a documentary short about performance in public spaces, focusing on NYC street and subway musicians. Check out my web site for more information about the film!

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    Updated News From Rebelscum:

    Toys "R" Us Silver R2 Update
    Philip: Here's an update Tim received from Guest Relations at Toys "R" Us when he asked them for info on their anticipated Silver R2-D2...

    Dear Tim,

    Thank you for inquiring about our Star Wars R2-D2 25th Anniversary figure.

    This promotion will occur sometime in October of this year. Please be assured that Toys "R" Us will have enough of the figure at each store to ensure that there is a sufficient supply for our guests.

    Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.

    Anastasia Bellos
    Guest Relations Supervisor

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Question How about other countries?

    Hey there... I would defintely love to get my hands on one of those cool R2D2s... But I'm not in the states... So any idea that other countries like Australia or Singapore may have it in our TRUs?? Arghhh if not I may have to seek sculpers on eBay Help....

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    So is this R2 going to be articulated, including a retractable third leg?
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