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    Exclamation Glow-in-the-Dark Darth Vader

    Has anyone else noticed that Emperor's Wrath Darth Vader's skull actually glows-in-the-dark when exposed to light. The lightning bolts even look more impressive in the dark!

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    Don't have one yet, but thats what i heard.
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    I've had this fig for a while and I can honestly say I had never noticed that the skull I grabbed mine, stuck it in the light, and then ran to a dark place. It's kinda faint- but they skull does glow in the dark!

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    It does glow!! I posted this on another thread, i think it was EWV...anyway its a great figure, get it if u can!!
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    I don't have this figure yet but want one badly. Now that you've mentioned that it glows I want it even more.

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    It does glow?


    THEN....I WAS RIGHT! Woo hoo! I KNEW I heard about this somewhere....alright thats too cool. Can't wait to find this figure.
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    The skull most certainly glows... I put a pen light up to the side of it for about a minute and that sucker is big old "radiation" green!!!

    I love it!!!!

    Not too bad for a hunk of petroleum product!
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    I guess I must have the ultra-rare non-glowing EWDV. I haven't been able to get it to glow even slightly. Oh well, it'll still make a great door stop.
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    Yeah it does glow!! I almost melted the plastic around my Vader (never take them out of the package!) by placing him above my lamp!

    Its a really cool fig!
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