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    Customizing Q-n-A: Heads and Hands

    I want to get this thread going as a consolidated place where everyone can come to share customizing ideas. All "how tos" and creative questions, answers and ideas about heads and hands could go here. I want to limit this to the heads and hands so the thread doesn't get to large and difficult to find info in.

    To start...I have only just begun to customize. The first thing I would like to know is...Are all of the hands attached in the same way and how do I remove them. Same questions for the heads.
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    Well...all the different makes of bodies have different hand posts. Though all the hands are made to be removeable and interchangble with other hands from the same company, Dragon, BBI, Hasbro, 21C, are all different and unable to fit into other makes without some time spent working on it.

    The only way to really spot the difference is to actually see them, I don't have a digital camera handy so I'm afraid I'm no help today...

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    The info you shared is new to me so you did help. How can I remove the Hasbro hands? I tried to just pull but didn't want to break them.
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    i gotta disagree with laser brain on this one.

    21st century hands will fit on a hasbro g.i. joe body and star wars hasbro hands will fit on a 21st century body.

    21st century hands are made to be removed, so just give them a gentle "pull" and they will come out.

    hasbro star wars hands and hasbro g.i. joe hands are removable, if you stick the hand and arm in boiling water for about a minute. gently pull out while holding onto the wrist hinge so it dosen't break. the new super joe, however, does not have removable hands under any circumstance, unless you drill them out, and i don't suggest that.

    hasbro star wars figures have 2 kinds of neck attachments.
    most of the 12 inch collection have a "short neck" and can be removed by heating and pulling them off, but some, like the entire episode 2 line(except jango fett) have the "long neck". if you want to put them on a better body, you'll have to trim the round area off at the bottom of the neck.

    here is an example of the long and short neck figures.
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    here is a picture of the hands after removal.

    like i mentioned above, hasbro star wars hands will fit on a 21st century body after heating them.

    21st century hands will fit a g.i. joe body.

    g.i. joe hands will fit a 21st century body if you cut a little off the end of the peg.

    left to right are hasbro gung ho grip and regular hand, star wars hand and 21st century hand.

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    Something important I found out the hard way is that when you remove a head from its post, no matter where it ends up (new body, original body), you have to be careful that you don't get fooled into the interior "lip" not going over the neck post. When this happens, the head FEELS like it's in place, but you may notice a bulge in the neck or the head doesn't turn like it used to. Either you need to trim or really work at it, but either way, softening it up is a must.
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    jeditricks is right, and the best way to remedy this is to get the head really soft, by boiling it. if it's soft enough, it will fit on the new body a lot easier.

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    Will boiling it necessitate repainting it?
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    no, the paint will not come off. i've got almost all the 12 inch star wars figures, and i've done body swaps on most of them and have had no problems with paint coming off after submerging them in boiling water for over 2 minutes.
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    Is it possible to do a head swap on the Emperor's Royal Guard or the Coruscant Guard? How are their heads attached?


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