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    Customizing Q-n-A: Paint and Painting

    Same ideas for keeping the thread short and easy to locate info in as the other customizing threads.

    Again I am a victim of a lack of talent in this area. So i will be asking a lot and having very little to offer for help at first.

    My first question is...what brand of paint is the best for doing the repainting?
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    First off, you gotta use water-based paint on your toys cuz oil-based will melt the plastic. The technical term for water-based is "acrylic". So do not use that cheap oil-based paint you find at Wal-Mart. Craft paint will work in a pinch but it doesn't flow as well. I've had the most success with Testor's Acrylic enamel found at hobby store but it can be expensive ($2.50+) cuz it's made for airbrushes.

    Buy brushes from the craft section at WalMart based on size as you need them. Clean them up with soap and water when you're all done.

    Two basics of detailing covers drybrushing and washes.

    The goal of drybrushing is to highlight the smaller details of the piece you're painting. Dip the brush in some paint then take a napkin or something and brush off most of the paint using an up and down motion. When the color becomes translucent and highlights the folds of the napkin take it to your work.

    Washes add shadow and depth to your work and bring out the recessed detail. There's two ways to go about washing, the second can be called "paintwipe." A simple wash can be prepared by diluting some paint with about 50% water until the paint is very runny. Slop it on your work and allow it to dry. For a paint wipe, just take a cloth or something and wipe off the wash before it dries.

    The Ultimate Jango Fett has paint wipes all over his silver armor plating. For once it's effective, but typically Hasbro's attempts at detailing only serve to make the figure look terrible. Like the brush marks on the rocketpack. Using a wash then drybrushing over it is the easiest way to enhance the piece by 100%. Experiment with the technique and see what works best for you.

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    Thanks LB. I took art in school and failed. I couldn't get passed the vanishing point. But I think I understood your explanatin and I am very excited to give it a try.
    My wife treats me like an ATM machine. She pushes my buttons until I give her money.


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