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    Lilo & Stitch is great!

    Very cute, very good message, but it doesn't really hit you over the head with it, did a good job of making stitch look weird and cute, that kind of ugly-cute... and finally, the main characters don't start singing all the time!!! i thank the iron giant for that... it showed a bunch of people that animated doesn't necessarily mean musical...

    and there are some REALLY hillarious take-you-by-surprise funny moments. now, i'm not an uptight guy, but i generally don't find that many things to at in disney films. if i was already on the floor, i would have been rolling on it for some of these moments. go see it. now.
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    I'm glad you mentioned Iron Giant, as that is one of my favorite animated films. I got the impression that Lilo & Stitch was Disney's take on an ET/Iron Giant kind of thing. Hearing your review makes me want to see it that much more.
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    I'll probably go and see it. Not that I really like Disney films at all, but it just looks quirky and the comercials where he ****es off all of the other Disney characters gave me a good laugh.

    It looks like a cute date movie also.

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    Originally posted by Jonna
    It looks like a cute date movie also.
    yeah, it is good for that...

    i loved the commercials as well... i don't know about the rest of you, but i saw the lion king one as a preview before my midnight showing of clones... at first i was like, what in the hell is going on here... and then i was pleasantly and hilariously surprised.
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    Nachos are the right of all sentient beings.

    The guns... They've stopped!
    - Dan Akroyd, Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope

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    I just saw it last night. (date movie - you got that right, Jonna) It was much better than I expected. I was anticipating 90 minutes of another craptacularly cutesy disney movie, but this was very good - at a couple points it was hilarious. Definately recommended to all in the forum.
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    I may be alone, but I miss the Disney musicals. Most of them were good. I can't remember the last one that WAS a musical. Mulan? Somewhere around there. But I guess I appreciate musicals, so I always appreciated the Disney animated musicals.

    But I also enjoy animated movies that aren't. I wouldn't mind seeing this one, but for some reasons, the ads didn't make me really want to go.
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    My sister said the emotional part of the story is really cheap tear-jerker material, stuff heavy-handedly put in there to use your emotions for the story's purpose rather than having honest emotional content - and this made her hate the film. This left me concerned enough to wait and see what others said, any thoughts?

    I think Disney used to make good musicals, but in the '70s, they lost the touch. Once in a while, they're still able to pull it off, but when they start churning them out year after year, you can feel the lack of time, patience, and experience in choosing the best material to represent the Disney brand. Another problem IMO is that Disney can make good animated comedies and good animated musicals, but rarely seems to have the knack for pulling off both. After all these awful "direct to video" sequels of their classics and neo-classics, I think the Mouse needs to get a grip on reality.
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    Those direct to video abominations are atrocious.

    I think Disney got a second wind in the 90's with the animated musicals. Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King, Mulan, and Tarzan were all excellent animated musicals. I think Disney execs got nervous and confused with the invent of CGI cartoons and a deluge of competition from WB, Fox, and Dreamworks animated movies, so instead of doing thier own thing and being a trendsetter, they are madly rushing in seven different directions at once, trying to play catch up and not getting anything accomplished.

    As for Lilo and Stitch. I went in to watch bits and pieces during work and was laughing out loud. I agree with JT's sister's assessment over darthvyn's about the heavy handed approach. the moral message hits with all the subtlety of a jackhammer: OHANA means FAMILY... but the rapid fire jokes and Stitch's unpredictable behavior ( I choked from laughing when he threw the book at the guy.) make this a funny film.

    I also liked the trailer for Treasure Planet. It looks like Titan AE done correctly.
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    I plan on taking my kids to see this movie. I think it will be a good movie after seeing the previews.
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    Question for those of you who thought the emotional part was heavy-handed: Did you feel the same way about the end of Iron Giant?
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