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    Hmmmm. . . . If the translations are reputed to indeed be this funny, I may have to pick this up sooner rather than later. Is the section about the development of the languages as informative as the translations are amusing?
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    The portion of the book that was written to show how Ben Burtt developed the sounds is pretty cool! It's interesting how big his sound archive is! He also talk about the combination of sounds to create the Wookiee roars and Artoo's droidspeak. Very cool... I'm kinda glad I got it. Ben also talks about how he developed sound for STAR WARS from rejected sounds from other films he did the sound design on.

    I think you will like it once you actually have a chance to sit down and peruse it.

    An oddity in the SW library, but a nice piece.

    -BTW... If Aunt Beru needed a droid to help her understand Bocce, she must have been a complete idiot!
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    What an awesome thread!
    Too bad I didn't read it a year ago.
    I wonder if this book is still available? Did you find it at smaller bookstores or was it wider release?

    I have some searching to do . . . both for the book and for a part for my suction droid (it has a bad motivator )

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    I could pick up for you Ceaser at cost if you can't find it.
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