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    Talking Galactic phrase book and travel guide.

    I just got this little paperback book that Ben Burtt wrote. It's a cracking little gem but not just for learning how to speak Gungan or Bocce. Lots of useful phrase for everyday usage......


    hello. how are you?
    Wyaaaaa. Ruh ruh.

    I think my arm has been pulled out of of the socket.
    Wua ga ma uma ahuma ooma.

    I already have a suction droid.
    Mu ah waa gaa a yukshin oid.

    And that last one is genuine - believe me!

    It was cheap.... it passes an hour on a wet and windy august day........ it's not that bad really... if you give it a go..... Only costs $8.00 .... bargain
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    I seriously think that I will have to get this book. It will probably leave me on the floor laughing until I have tears in my eyes!

    I will have to run out an find this immediately!
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    Where "text" & "friend" are (n) & "fail" is (v)

    Red face

    I glanced at it in the store. It looks okay. I'm not sold on it yet. But it is very similar to regular travel books so it it's funny that way, too.
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    Agree with Bel-Cam, I do. I wasn't quite sold on it--I was expecting so much more when I heard about the Sergio Aragones illustrations. And under Ewok I couldn't find lerdo or nee chu wawa (both common in the cartoon, and the latter actually is heard in ROTJ).

    The section on Ben Burrt creating the languages will probably make me cave in eventually, though.
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    In the book it's spelled - Ee chee wa maa! and is translated as wow! or gee whiz!

    Celebration song.

    Yub nub...eee chop yub nub.
    Ah toe meet toe pee chee keene g'noop dock fling-oh-ah. whip yahwa.
    Coatee-cha tu yub nub.
    Coatee-cha tu yahwa.
    Coatee-cha tu glowah.
    Allayloo ta nuv.
    Glowah, eee chop glowah. Yawah pee chu knee foom.
    Ah toot dee awe goon-da.
    Coatee-cha tu goo...yub nub.
    Coatee-cha tu doo...Yahwa.
    Coatee-cha to too...Ya-chaa.

    It's not the best book ever written but does explain the origins of Chewbaccas vocabulary and the bleeps of R2. Like I said, It'll pass a long wet afternoon away nicely but apart from annoying people on forums by only posting in pidgeon Huttese it doesn't offer much else apart from an occasional chuckle.

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    I can only wonder why, for the sake of continuity with earlier EU, they didn't spell it the other way. Or why it's not "Oona goota, Solo," which is how it appears in Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina.
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    I still use lerdo or lerrdo to describe some people. I think it sounds fitting! Hahahaha!!!!
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    Where "text" & "friend" are (n) & "fail" is (v)

    Now this is where I would've used an Ewok icon here

    I have a Wicket Pez dispenser and I have it say "lerdo" all the time! Yes, all the time.

    Here's a poll:

    What flavor Pez is currently inside my Wicket Pez dispenser:
    a) grape
    b) orange
    c) strawberry
    d) juri juiceberry

    Results to be published soon!
    I predict that the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi film will include the word "and." Multiple times.

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    Exclamation yes!

    Yes, I just got it yesterday. It is a charming little devil isn't it! It is quite useful for when I visit Kasshyk this spring! and Neimoidia this fall.
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    Talking Just got it last night...!

    This book is hysterical!! I love the Huttese parts (and the Tusken parts)...

    Are we there yet?
    Pee wom me doopee?

    If you ask that one more time, I'm activating your seat ejector!
    Beeka doe wampa keejeckta peedunkey!

    that is hilarious!


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