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Thread: Tie fighters

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    okay so here is the updated list

    TIE fighter
    TIE advanced
    TIE crawler
    TIE defender
    TIE interceptor
    TIE bomber
    TIE D

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    Originally posted by Starfig873
    Darth Vader's TIE is a TIE Advanced. A quick and annoying ship.
    What about that TIE ship in "Rebel Assult II"? That one can cloak and I can't quite remember what its called, something like the phantom or something. [/B]
    I think DV's TIE was a prototype for the Tie Advanced. The wings are a bit different.

    I've also heard the empire is working on a new ship, the TIE-kwan-do.

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    I have to disagree with El Chuxter about the Tie Crawler. I think that vehicle is awesome looking. I saw a picture of it in the Star Wars encyclopedia. It was cool .
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    DV's TIE is a prototype advanced indeed. But in Behind the magic, its merely noted as an advanced.
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    Originally posted by The Bald Ewok

    Speaking of which, did anybody try and fly the naboo spacecraft?
    Thatīs the best ship in the game. I donīt remember the passwords, but that ship kicks so much ***. Easy to control, great shields and incredible accuracy.
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