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Thread: Mr. Deeds

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    Mr. Deeds

    This is a pretty good movie. It's lot better that Sandlers last few movies. I give it 7.5 stars out of 10.

    What are some of your thoughts on the film?

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    It's not even out yet, is it? Did you see an advance screening or a bootleg?
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    does winona rider actually have any screen time? more than 15 minutes?

    from the looks of things, it looks like adam is going back to his "billy madison/happy gilmore" mode.

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    From what I've read, Winona took the role because she got to star with Sandler, not just fill the female role.
    So that might bode well for you, derek.

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    Well, the movie comes out today. Hope you like it if you see it.

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    I heard Winona "steals" every scene she's in...OW! Stop throwing boots at me !
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    It looks good,but will wait till it comes out on video to rent. If I like it I'll buy it.
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    I know derek will hate me for this.....

    But there is something about Ms. Ryder I don't like. ANd that was way before the shoplifting thing. SOmething about her facial expressions I think. *shrugs*
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    Saw the movie yesterday. An ok movie. The humor in this was more like that of his earlier films.
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