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    Star Wars may have it's bad points, i.e effects and shakey acting. But one thing you can always rely on to be done well is casting, Star Wars has got to boast the best casting directors in the business. The best example is Jack Thompson as Cliegg Lars, he is just like Phil Brown who played Owen, but just that little bit different enough to look like his father, when watching my friend thought it was Phil Brown playing him. Also the casting of Joal Edgerton as Owen was a good choice, and also Bonnie Marie Piesse as Beru Whitesun was a good choice too. The other good choice is Hayden as Anakin, he looks like an older version of Jake Lloyd who I think will look just like Hayden when he is about 18 or 19, but also his facial expressions at times look just like the expressions of Mark Hamill's in the OT. I don't think that Natalie looks anything like Carrie, however and Carrie was 19 when she was in Ep IV so the resemblence should be there, can anybody else see a resemblence?
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    I thought the casting for Yoda, R2 and 3PO were good...

    Hayden and Natalie, well they really could've needed some more acting classes before and during E2.

    Ewan McGregor is great as Obi-Wan though, and Morrison for Jango was pretty good. Christopher Lee was a very good Count Dooku, also.

    Sam Jackson could've toned down Windu a little, that seemed a little over the top.
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    I agree, Mace Windu was a little over the top and his line, "this party's over", augghhh!
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    I was hoping they would have kept Christopher Walken as Count Dooku. But yea the casting of the Lars family was the best. I could have swore that the actor that played Cliegg Lars was the same as the actor that played Owen in the OT his resembalance was so striking. And young Owen was a dead on casting genius as well. Carrie Fisher does not have any resembalance really to Natalie except they tried to make it so when they did somewhat of a similar hairdo of her in the meadow scene with the buns on each side of her head. But I think that is as far as it will go. At least GL made sure of one thing, that Leia's mother lived up to Leia's description of her!!
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    Originally posted by Jek Porky 2002
    I agree, Mace Windu was a little over the top and his line, "this party's over", augghhh!
    That's funny. My only problem with Mace was that he didn't really have enough to do in the movie. He seemed a little too reserved.
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    God no, he was on screen for long enough for my liking. He tries to make out in interviews that he is a big Star Wars fan, but you can tell that really he knows nothing about it! I think he could have researced his part a bit more, his Ep I performance was good I thought, and I was expecting his EpII version to be the same, but it wasn't.
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    what gives you the impression he knows nothing about 'it'. hes been on set of 2 out 5 star wars movies so in 'reality' he probably knows a hell of alot more about 'it' than you do. like, erm, lightsabers dont really work. i do know that he was a big enough fan to really rally for a part in the prequels. alot of actors of sam jackson's calibre seriously wouldnt want to touch a star wars flic. i read somewhere that he said he wouldnt care if he were one of the guys in a stroomtrooper costume, as long as he got to be in a star wars flic. that makes him ok in my book. plus i think he was great as mace windu, in spite of GL's cheesy dialogue.

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    I like no name actors in my Star Wars movies they have more appeal to me
    need vintage parts and weapons

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    boss nass, so then how do you feel about the ep 1 & 2 casting. there arent all that many no namers in key roles save for the two anakins.

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    This is how much Jackson knows about star wars:
    I was watching a programme one around the time of the TPM release, and Sam Jackson was on it being interviewed about star wars, then to test his nowledge of the saga they bought out a man with star wars tatoos all over his back, but the tatoos all had tape on them covering them so that you could still see the out line of the charactor. Some where pretty difficult, I have to admit but then it came to what was quite obviously the tatoo of Darth Maul, and he answered "Darth", as if that where his full name, so the interviewer said Darth who? and Jackson answered "oh, er em, oh, Vader!"

    Not exactly an easy mistake to make if your a big fan like you say you are is it?
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