Looks like the Star Wars novels are getting back on track, so instead of just all NJO dreck, we are going to get some stories from shortly after the formation of the New Republic. This one sounds pretty intresting, hopefully the book is as good as the teaser.

The past haunts Princess Leia as she looks forward to an uncertain future. The four-year old New Republic continues to grow, as does Leia's love for her husband, Han Solo. But despite his wants, Leia is determined not to have children, for fear of the uncertainty of the Skywalker bloodline.

An artifact from Alderaan containing secret codes used by the New Republic resurfaces at a shady Mos Espa auction, and Han and Leia voyage to Tatooine to secure it. While on the desert planet, Leia finds evidence of her father's past that cause her to rethink some of her firmest held beliefs.

Tatooine Ghost, a new hardcover novel by Troy Denning, is scheduled for release in February 2003.


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