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    Where to look in Australia

    Im off to Perth at the end of the week, just wondering if there are any good places for picking up star wars figs.



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    hey man, im in perth, i know where to find most figs. i just sent you an email so write back if you like.

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    How are things in your neck of the woods Conli, has the Qui-Gon?Massif waves been released there? I live in the NT and haven't seen hide nor hair of these figs.

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    hey man, yeah qui gon, massiff, orn free taa, endor rebel, geonosian warrior and dex hit here about 3 weeks ago. i was actually @ perth city toys r us right after these figs had been pegged, there would have easily been 20+ of each as well as all the usual pegwarmers. most of the TRU figs are gone now but you can still find qui gons, massiffs, etc in smaller quantities at some kmarts and targets. right now kmart and target are awash with bespin lukes vaders final jangos and mace windus. TRU hasnt seen much of these figures which is odd. maybe they were there earlier when i was studying for exams and didnt have time to go hunting cause i did see a small quantity of this particular wave at a freo toyworld a good month and a bit ago. i didnt buy them at that time though cause the cards on the vaders and lukes in stock were all botched. harder to find right now are han, OB1 pilot and chewie. ive seen and grabbed a few hans and OBs but ive yet to see one chewie. TRU are restocking this week so im looking forward to seeing what they put out. anyways ive rambled long enough, good luck, im sure the figs you want will be up there soon.

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    since I'm going to Australia in 5 weeks too can someone tell me what the price on the figs is ?
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    yeah, here in perth western australia the price of basic figures varies from store to store. kmart is probably the best at about $12.70. then it can vary all the way up to approx $16 at toys r us. thats aussie dollars btw. 187-maul, where in aus are you going?

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    Conli Olper

    LOL, funnily enough we got a couple of Chewies up here, in fact we've only had that wave for a week. If you need me to pick one up for you LMK.

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    well I'm going with m family and will visti a lot of places: Sydney 1 week, Port Douglas one week and I don't know what else
    oh yeah and 2 days Bangkok and 2 days Singapore
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