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    Teaser Poster

    Does anyone know if the EpII teaser poster is available on GB Posters, I've got the Ep's I and II movie posters and they look cool together on my wall, but I've only got the EpI preview poster and would really like the Ep II version to go with it. If it's not coming out I will be really anoyed because this is a really nice poster that they have sacrificed for some really cheap looking childish posters of Anakin and Jango Fett.

    Another thing, if I where to buy a Star Wars movie poster that was not on GB would it be the same size?
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    I assume the teaser poster was the one with Anakin & Padmè back to back with 'A jedi Shall Not Know....' text.

    I haven't seen it for sale at all anywhere, although I haven't tried GB posters.

    I managed to a get a version of it with July's issue of Empire magazine. It was double sided with Minority Report on the reverse side.

    Not sure of the size, but it was equivalent to 8 x A4 pages. (4 up, 4 down).

    Thats the only place i've seen it, and unfortunately it was folded
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    Yeah, that's the one, but I've given up on it, I don't think it'll ever come out on GB, which is a shame because it's a really nice poster!
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