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    When SW enthusiasts get an agreed-upon name, then SW geekness will truly exist. I like being a Star Wars Fan, not a Jedi Knight, Star Warrior, Saga-ist, Trilogist, A New Hoper, etc.

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    Too late; I already copyrighted these parodies: Rogue Juan, Rogue Won, Rogue Huan, Rogue Wan, Rogue Obi-Wan, Rouge One, Rogue Wand.

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    I just say that I am a "STAR WARS fan". I feel that is a sufficient title for me. Of course, I refer to myself as a geek because I AM a geek... but that's besides the point. I would never go around wearing a costume to a convention or the first showing of the new film... I DO have a Jedi costume that was made for a Halloween party a couple years ago and I AM going to be wearing it again this year as I am taking my friend's child (who is now obsessed with SW since I bought him a copy of TPM) trick-or-treating. We are gonna have a blast! He is going as Anakin and I am going as Obi-Wan. Halloween... but THAT'S IT!!!
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    Originally posted by Fulit
    Just watch the episode of the Tom Green show where he goes to the Star Trek convention and meets "Captain Quo Martinay" and his friends. There's your answer.

    "I'm a Klingon. We don't have human emotions."
    Yeah, they're SOOOO much worse than those guys who go to SW conventions running around in speederbike costumes.

    Binks, I'm pretty sure there's no Millennium Falcon in First Contact.

    Each group of fans has their extremists, but Trek's been around 10 years longer than SW, so it's amassed a larger fanbase in that time. However, the issue is really "apples and oranges", there are many crossover fans like myself, but the franchises are so different from each other that there's no real comparison IMO.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Say what you want about me, but don't ever speak ill of my speeder bike costume-wearing.

    The funny thing about that episode is the Star Trek people are being very serious, trying to lend it some sort of dignity, and Tom Green is running around zapping them with his laser and saying "I'm Captain Quo Martinay"! They were so mad.
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    Most people think of star trek and star wars fans as being as not having any lives, but com on are people who dress like klingons and go to star trek conventions any more demented then those guys who paint go to football games in the middle of winter with no shirt on and there faces painted blue.

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    I'd have to say Star Trek fans are the worst . And by the way , there is nothing wrong with the WWF.I'm a WWF fan myself . I hate Nascar though . Nascar is like Redneck central .
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    I would have to say Nascar. At least in SW and ST they go fast and get somewhere.In Nascar they go around and around and around fast and get nowhere. Hey,lets go and get sunburned and drunk and watch the cars go around and around untill we throw up.
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    Who was that NASCAR driver who was killed in a wreck recently? Well, the other day on the radio they had an expert on the morning show who finally gave the reason for his tragic death:

    "He was a redneck, driving in a circle at 200 miles an hour. It was bound to happen eventually."

    Yes, I know, I'm totally insensitive.
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    That is insensitive, yet highly funny. I think the funny outweighs the insensitive. By that line of thinking, though, since it's bound to happen eventually, someday we won't have to put up with Nascar or it's fans at all.
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    Hey there Huck!

    I'm not saying there is anything wrong with NASCAR or WWF... I don't particularly find any connection to those things... but come ON! Many of those WWF fanatics have never read a REAL piece of literature, traveled outside of their "area" or had jobs that didn't require physical labour. I'm not saying ALL of them are that way... but in my travels I have seen those qualities in the ones who talk about WWF. Those particular people have no concept of speaking at a lower volume (eveyone stares blankly at them wondering if they are making some kind of announcement), their conversatitions are punctuated with "action noises", their idea of a wardrobe doesn't exceed WWF or BEER shirts and saggy (5 years ago) pants. All the ones I have seen at my gym have, in general, bad hygiene and bad hair.

    NOW... let me qualify it with this-- there are people in ALL KINDS OF INTERESTS who fit this profile and are head-slappingly uncultured... but that's why I listed those other fan groups in the earlier post. It seems that, and don't get me wrong, there seemed to be fewer "under-cultured" types with the sci-fi crowd as compared to the more testosterone driven "hobbies" (i.e. the naked painted jiggly chested football fans ).

    So... no offense intended for anyone who does not fit that profile... or for those who do... variety makes the world go around, but soap and a volume knob help bring us closer together...
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