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    Star wars or Star trek?

    Ok, Love to hear what everybody's opinion is on this....
    Who is more of a geek, a star wars fan or a star trek fan?

    I would say star trek, but I have seen some of our own kind, get a little out of hand.
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    Star Trek people of more geeks than us Star Wars fans !
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    Watch the movie "Trekkies" and you'll be inclined to believe Trek fans are geekier. However, watch some of the pre-Ep1 sillyness and the tables turn. Like the woman on Rosie O'Donnel who changed her name to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Or the people in England who tried to claim Jedi as their religion during the census.

    So who's worse? NASCAR fans.
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    Ugh NASCAR....Do you think the Nascar forums have thread topics like "Star Wars fans are so nerdy..." that is if Nascar fans could afford computers...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH....

    But seriously, in order to solve this question, you'd have to get THE nerdiest ST fan and THE geekiest SW fan and put them in a room to see who could outdoof the other...hmmmm...That

    A. Scares me to no end. And

    B. Sounds like something I'd pay to see.

    So who's worse? WRESTLING fans!
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    1. NASCAR
    2. WWF or whatever other wrestling franchises there are...
    3. Goth
    4. People who collect plates
    5. Star Trek
    6. Star Wars

    and in that order... Hahahahaha!!!
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    Just watch the episode of the Tom Green show where he goes to the Star Trek convention and meets "Captain Quo Martinay" and his friends. There's your answer.

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    The movie Trekkies scarred me for life.

    Star Trek geeks are the worst.
    I am a Star Wars geek but not as geeky as those Star Trek geeks.

    But you have to admit it is pretty cool seeing the Millenium Falcon fire at the Borg ships in the First Contact movie. You can only see this on the wide screen version. It in on the lower side.

    Of course I am ready to see the major Star Wars geeks come to town when Celebration 2 hits Indy! It will be a blast.
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    I believe those crazy New Zealanders and Australians set the ball rolling on that dismal attempt to have Jedi recognised as a religion. Us british followed suit shortly afterward. Exept me. I don't have faith in anything but myself.

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    I have seen lots of SW fans that can talk on the subjects for days...but...i have a friend that is a ST fan, that guy really knows everything about ST, and thats here, i say that they are all depends on the ammount of information the creators give to the fans.
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    Star Wars fans geeks? When the heck did this happen?

    I'd say Star Trek people are bigger geeks/freaks. They wear spock ears and speak Klingon for goodness sake.


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