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    I ordered my Yoda saber dont know when it is coming in though...
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    Well, it seems to me that it is not worth the price from your review. I was considering buying the yoda saber, now maybe I will just get the fx anakin...

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    I received mine yesterday, and I have to say that it is awesome. Cannot wait to display this on the mantle. I will have to say that the small black switch Fixer was talking about seems to be mounted very well on mine. Could have just been a loose one on his. Other than that I have no Complaints what soever. I cannot wait till the Dooku saber comes out. I hope I am as pleased with it as I am with the Luke Saber. Pretty cool display box this comes with too!
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    Man, I'm jealous. I'd love to have that Luke saber. I ordered the Anakin one last week. Who knows when it'll ship though.

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    I received this Lightsaber yesterday from Entertainment Earth and I must say it is very well done. I already have an Icons Darth Vader Lightsaber but IMO Masters Replicas did a much better job. I look forward to seeing what else they release in the future if the quality remains the same.
    I would rate this a A+

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    I can't afford such prices, though I'd love one. I really want Dooku's saber.
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    If I like the Anakin F/X lightsaber whenever I do finally get it. I may order the Darth Vader saber too. I wish it didn't take so long to get them though.

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    How does it feel in hand? and does it have a belt clip?
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    If you're talking to me...I haven't received either of my sabers yet. I probably won't until sometime in August.

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    Originally posted by Nebulaz
    How does it feel in hand? and does it have a belt clip?
    It has a nice heft to it - pretty much a solid piece of aluminum. It does not come with a clip for your belt, but it does have the ring that would attach to the clip.
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