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Thread: Who's JIN

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    Who's JIN

    I've noticed that in Episode's I and II Adi Gallia is played by someone called GIN, who is she, is it just a nick-name, is it an abreviation or is it her real name?
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    Try the following links. If you dont wanna check out links, I will post her history here as well. It's translated from a German site, so may have some minor mistakes in wording.

    Gin Clarke was discovered as first of Jean Jean-Paul Gaultier on a journey to London. With her large, athletic figure and her shaved heading, she appeared soon as a trendsetter on the European Catwalks, and her look was copied by numerous black models. Gin does not operate any longer as a model, but is however for it in some famous films to be seen. In The Fifth Element, Gin played the companion of the Diva, and in "Star Wars - Episode I " a Jedi named Adi Gallia. Also, the model participated in some music videos. Gins bald-shaved heading became meanwhile its brand name. In addition, Aufaellig is their gepiercte nose, and a small Tattoo, which carry on her left shoulder.,+Gin

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    Thanx Jar Jar!
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    I'm starting to believe there is nothing JarJar can't answer.
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    that does help explain a lot thanx for the heads up
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    maybe a cloak of deceptions, she's the true sith lord
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