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    How do people get Star Wars figures so quick? Is it where I live?

    dude, i have hans and obi-wan pilot pegwarming in my wal-mart along with the acklay and new deluxes.... kinda awkward how much of an impact where you live. I pass by my local targets and Wal-marts and seem to have no problem getting mostly if not all 40 figures... Djas and Palp show up at target once in a while and WAL-MART... hehehe.. i just saw 26 obi's the other day. 13 chews, and 13 hans.. Today i saw 6 more obi's and 1 han. I left them there because I know they will be there still. So how is the hunting at where you live? I read on the forums and people in different areas get Saga figures but at different times and different abundance. Heck, where i live there must be acklays everywhere, and pegwarming new deluxes... why is it so hard for some of you to get your figures and why does hasbro only send so much to each city?

    Well, good luck and happy hunting to those who havent found what they wanted... its getting boring overe here in San Diego because nothing else has came out yet that is particularly new since the obi-wave.

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    Cause the warehouses don't like Oklahoma stores obviously.
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    peg warmers over here are the Luminara Underli, Jango Fett KE, Kit Fitso, Shaak Ti, and at mejers all the have is Luke Bespins
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    peg warmers all over san diego are 1-35 and sometimes 39,40... the new wave obi,ha,and chew arrive at the store, and within 2 days they will be gone... but if you get to that store within that 24 hours they stock, u will get a piece of that wave! =)

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    The figures hit California first, then distributed from there.
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    No way, they hit eastcoast first. I cant even find a Dexter Jettster w/BG!

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    Dude, it was like that at Super Wal-Mart for me this morning. Probably around 20 each of Chewie, Han, JSP Obi-Wan, Bespin Luke & Vader, Acklay, etc. I actually had to get a cart to carry all my stuff to the register (and that hasn't happened in a while).
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    they don't like oklahoma? they must hate ohio! it's about a month behind! they are just now getting bespin wave and orn free taa wave in mass quantities!
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    Originally posted by DarthJdog
    No way, they hit eastcoast first. I cant even find a Dexter Jettster w/BG!
    I'm pretty sure the figures are shipped from Asia to a port in California. I'm not sure if it is in San Diego, LA, or further up the coast. From there, Hasbro distributes the figures to the retailers. Maybe JarJarBinks or Tycho will be able to clairify the exact process.

    I think you may have just been unlucky and not seen that particular variation. I don't follow variations and errors, so I won't pretend to know about them.
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    I know Tycho, he lives in san diego, but i havent met him. I know of a person who knows him and who knows if he knows how hasbro ships stuff.. hehe. Him and I have had luck at the WAL-MARTS here in San Diego. If you want to see some of our finds look at our just found USA (San Diego findings!!!) forum...


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