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    I don't think it's an exclusive to just the store....I heard it would be the theme parks as well!

    Only one way for me to find out... I am going to DL in August...I can check the Star Trader for them!
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    Sadly, no Once Upon a Toy in Aneheim, only in Florida; and I'll be checking the Star Trader as often as possible too, but the press release says JUST the store, not the parks (which must suck for anybody visiting Star Tours in DL Tokyo).
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    JT, if you find anything out about the figures at D'Land let me know. An old friend of mine from high school (when I lived in Fullerton) has a wife who works for them. They have offered to pick them up for me! But they don't know where they are to be sold!
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    I think thta Hasbro threw these figures on these cards because it was the cheapest way to get them out. They didn't have to design a new card and they figure why fix it if it isn't broke. Beside I don't think they would sell as well if they were put on some Disney tours card back.
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    Everytime i go to disney land i always think about owning those characters, ahhh the days.
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    I called Disney's phone order catalog and they confirmed that if the item is offered in the park, it is available via phone order. She then checked to see if the store in the park (Disneyland) had the items, which they didn't, but said they would in August.

    In short, it looks like these should be readily available.

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    now that i've seen the 3rd droid, the R3, i'm rather disappointed...
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    Does the new R3-D3 have a retractable leg? from the pics it dosent look like it IMO.
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    Originally posted by Capitan_Moroni
    Does the new R3-D3 have a retractable leg? from the pics it dosent look like it IMO.
    No the leg doesn't retract. They used the R3-T7 head, and put it on a R2-D2: Naboo Escape. That was the one that had the wheels on the bottom. Like I said before, they should have just used the whole R3-T7 figure.

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    What the heck happened to my thread that I started on R3-D3? It has vanished from the forums. Can someone please explain why it is no longer on the forums?
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