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    Star Tours Figures

    Anyone know WHEN these will be available?

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    I thought I heard August, but ONLY in the park. Look in the SAGA section for a thread about this.

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    Does anyone know why they decided to release these figures as part of the POTJ line instead of the current SAGA line?
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    I'm not sure. Perhaps the design and layout for the POTJ packaging was already completed some time ago.
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    If what I read/heard was true...the figures are set to hit DW first, then coming out to DL about a month afterwards.

    I happen to be heading out that way in August..

    Pelleaon- I'll pick up some for ya!

    According to the post on the main guide:

    "The Star Tours Exclusive Rex and G2-4T figures.
    Star Tours figures are only available in Star Tours Disneyland and Star Tours Disney World/MGM Studios Theme Parks. The REX figure is the pilot of the Star Speeder 3000 which takes its audience on tours to Endor although the tour ends up going wrong. The figures visor flips up and down. G2-4T is the worker droid you get to speak to while your waiting in line for Star Tours. The figures will retail for around $10.00 each" 6-23-02

    and from an earlier post:
    "Hasbro and Disney team up to bring Star Tours figures to their upcoming Downtown Disney store.

    Just over 2 months ago, we reported on 2 prototype Star Tours action figures showing up on ebay, but there was no confirmation of whether these would ever see production. The figures - Captain Rex and a G-5 droid, which both feature prominently in the Star Tours attraction (the latter is seen as 2 different droids that chat at the line, while the former is your Starspeeder 3000's captain) - are not directly confirmed in a new Walt Disney World press release, but it does mention that Hasbro and Disney have worked together to create action figures based on Disney theme parks' Star Wars-themed Star Tours attraction. The Star Tours figures will be exclusives to the upcoming "Once Upon A Toy" megastore in Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney marketplace. Check out this entire press release at for more info.

    Thanks to "Dave" for writing in about this.

    UPDATE -, an unofficial site about Walt Disney World, has put up the press release about August opening of the "Once Upon A Toy" store, only this site has a Disney photo from the press release that shows a pair of Captain Rex figures being played with and another in POTJ packaging (see close-up above). The Captain Rex figures are not featured prominently in the photo, but you can make out the droid's shape in the packaging - which appears to have no "Power of the Jedi" logo under the main Star Wars logo nor a "Jedi Force File" icon but does appear to be the older POTJ-style of bubble rather than the new Saga-style bubble. The packaging may be an early mock-up, but the figure itself appears to be closer to the final versions than the test-shots." 6-5-02

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    hmmm...seems like there's some conflicting reports. the article posted above says that the figures will be sold in a Downtown Disney store while other reports have stated that they would be sold in the Star Tours Star Traders gift shop. The major difference would be that park admission is required for the latter but not for the former.
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    I would assume both places will carry the figures.
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    Well, these things must have already been released. People are already selling these things claiming in-hand on ebay.
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    Disney's press release said it'd be exclusive to the "Once Upon a Toy" store opening this August in Downtown Disney, WDW Florida. (oh, and you'll have to pardon my putting "G-5" droid, I was copying Steve's earlier news that had that without thinking, I knew it was a G2 droid)
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    So will there be a "Once Upon a Toy" opening in the Anaheim Downtown Disney?
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