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    Will bag what I can the next time that I am in the town.

    Will contact you both when I have been.



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    Managed to get to Blackpool today.....

    Unfortunately the AF Falcon & T-16 were both UK/USA packaged.

    But he does have the following Italian boxed AF's:

    TIE Interceptor
    TIE Bomber

    All are 14.99 UK.




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    Britcit: Those 4, the Slave 1, and Rancor are all the Italian packaged ones I have. If you see any others please pick them up.


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    Is a six or eight percent disappointment rate on eBay purchases all that bad? I dunno. If I bought fifty things on a visit to the grocery store, and had to return 3 or 4 for being uncacceptable, I'd be pretty unhappy.

    But the real thing I want to say is that it's easy to give good customer service when the item you paid $10 for sells for $60 - $100. The real test of character is how a seller performs when their auction closes at a price where they take a loss.

    I won an auction recently for an avon x-wing for 1 cent, but with an $8 shipping charge. As a seller, I'd be not thrilled, but that eight bucks shipping would have taken a big chunk of the sting out of it.

    So, what does this seller do? Sticks the avon box into a paper manilla envelope that has a very thin layer of plastic bubbles laminated to the inside, and mails it for about $2.60. No extra protection, just stuck the box in the envelope. Of course, it arrived crushed. The ship is okay, thanks to the avon box's protective insert, but as a boxed collectible - which is what I bought this one for - it is worthless.

    I did verify the box condition with the seller prior to bidding. It was mint before shipping. I am contacting the seller, but I'm sure they're going to say to themsleves, "jeeze, the guy pays a penny, and he's complaining?" and they'll say to me, they'll refund my auction price, less shipping & handling. Wow! Thanks!!

    Hey, once again Caveat Emptor. I own responsibility for choosing to buy and I guess also for not verifying, before shipment, exactly how the item would be packed. Although, in over fifty purchases, I have never had a seller ship an item in anything other than a sturdy box. And in this seller's last two feedbacks, the buyers praised the well-packed boxes.

    And that is the biggest reason I am convinced the seller intentionally acted in a petty manner by going ultra-cheap on the packing for my item. But why is it the buyer's "fault" that an auction closes for one cent? Why should the buyer be punished so pettily and immaturely for bidding under the terms the seller freely opted to list the item?

    Maybe this sounds like "sour grapes." Maybe, to an extent it is, on my part. But mostly, I just wanted to share what happened so others will keep it in mind if bidding under similar circumstances of a too-good-to-be-true bid price with a high S&H fee.
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    No Swaffy, it doesn't sound "sour grapes."
    For 8 bucks, that thing should have been packed with eggshell cartons, perfumed, and hand delivered.

    Disgusting transaction.

    And one more thing, if they aren't willing to sell it for a penny, they shouldn't start it at a penny without reserve. Assuming that the product will reap several bids is an issue for the seller to deal with . . .

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    If it's "$8 shipping", then I think the guy has to account for every penny of your money in the shipping process, but if it was "$8 shipping & handling" then I think you're up the creek since handling is a much less specific term and can be applied to the storage costs of the item or the gas or whatever the seller wants. That's why I try to make sure the seller explains the "s&h" breakdown before I win if it doesn't seem to be on the up & up.

    Sorry you got burned Swaffy.
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    That's a fair distinction JT, shipping vs. handling.

    But even if we assume that the seller was charging $8 shipping & handling, what does "handling" mean? I know it includes the seller's time to ship the item, but I believe that "handling" also extends to the cost (and time) of packing the product. A thinly padded manilla envelope is pretty cheap . . . after shipping they charged Swaffy $5.40 . . . that alone is worth the time to carefully secure the item.

    Ultimately, you are right though, you can't be too careful in holding them to their duties before completing the deal.

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    SWAFMAN, you got screwed! There is no way that seller didn't do that on purpose. They went out of their way to make sure they got money out of the auction and ruined your purchase in the process. I said in an earlier post that I thought it was your responsibility to get a clear answer about condition of any eBay item. I don't think that same statement really applies to shipping method. I have completed over 300 transactions on eBay and never had anybody do such a crappy thing. I've received shoddy boxes but never anything like that. Let me guess, they didn't mention the $8 shipping until after you won the auction, right? What a crock. Definite negative feedback for that seller. It just sucks that you ended up with a ruined item and a bad tase in your mouth.

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    "Handling" means "I can rip you off sucker!", I think ebay has NO recourse to offer you if you get shafted on handling. Technically, I believe handling charges can include storing the item, gas to deliver the item to the post office, time spent dealing with the item, and the item's shipping package. Basically, handling is an X-factor that can really be the cause of many problems. If you suspect foul play on something you want to win, make sure the S&H they quoted includes postal insurance out of THAT cost rather than extra.

    When you see "$8 S&H" on an auction you know wouldn't ship for that much, just assume you're getting ripped off right then an there because 99 times out of 100, you almost certainly are. Eight bucks will get you an insured, trackable UPS groundtrac including the cost of any reasonable shipping container. I think it can also get you Fed Ex trackable, insured 3-day (if they even still offer that) which is REALLY good service, so you have to really watch yourself on that.

    Haggie, if they didn't mention the shipping charges in the auction itself or put "Buyer to pay ACTUAL shipping charges", then the seller would indeed be liable for overcharging. But IIRC the seller put "$8 Shipping & Handling" on the auction and chose "See auction for details" for the shipping field, so he's already cleared his behind. This is why ebay sucks IMO, the feedback system doesn't really mean anything when bidders are too afraid to give deserved-negatives in fear of receiving a retaliatory negative from the seller. Ebay doesn't give a crap about feedback and rarely boots sellers with lots of feedback for having some negatives.

    I really am sorry SWAFFY got burned, there's no question that the seller screwed him with every intention of doing so. The lesson of the story here cost SWAFMAN $8.01, don't let it cost even more by missing the point.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    perfectly stated, JT.
    Sure, on some subconscious level, one motive for my posting about the purchase was probably to get a "Aw, poor baby..." consolation from sympathetic ears, but as I said in the first post, the real motive was exactly as you said - to hopefully prevent this from happening to others.

    here's the auction.

    the shipping details:
    "Buyer pays for all shipping costs, which are provided in the Payment Details section below. Will ship to United States only. See item description for shipping charges."

    the Payment Details:
    "...shipping and handling will be $8 we prefer paypal however if you would pay in another way please contact us at"

    So, it was my bad. And it could have cost me a lot more than $8.01 to learn it.

    BTW, here are two recent feedbacks to that seller:
    - Fast Shipping; Good Shipping; Item as Stated; Thanks!!!
    - Fast, secure delivery. Thank you!

    I was mistaken in my previous post in saying their two most recent feedbacks praised the packing. The first feedback shown above is one of the their two most recent feedbacks, but their most recent one only says the shipping was fast, not well packed. But the seller has ZERO neutrals or negatives.

    And finally, JT, you're also dead-on about the feedback issue. I've so far posted NOTHING to this seller's feedback, as I'm waiting to hear how they reply to my e-mail. But I'm very troubled that I may very well get tagged with some punitive neutral or negative from this seller for merely questioning their shipping on this transaction.
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